Month: July 2016

Quran 7m golden – Holy Quran – Quran7m

Quran 7m golden

Holy Quran – Quran7m

Quran 7m golden screenshot 0Quran 7m golden screenshot 1Quran 7m golden screenshot 2Quran 7m golden screenshot 3Quran 7m golden screenshot 4Quran 7m golden screenshot 5Quran 7m golden screenshot 6Quran 7m golden screenshot 7

This application is part of the quran7m project ( application provide many unique features like:
1. Audio library: This library contains more than 13,000 high quality audio files in mp3 format for more than 150 reciters*.you can Favourite or save what you want on your device.
2. Electronic Mushaf: It is the best ever Mushaf it is robust,stable,a lot of unique features and easy to use. Also there is 37 translation and Tafseer to help you to understand the holy Quran very well.
3. The application provides a unique search algorithms.
4. You can download PDF Mushaf and translations and you can style it and format it.
5. The application provides ability to remind you for daily amount of reading.
6. Live broadcast for Makkah and Madinah.
 Content Sources:
1. king Fahd Glorious Quran Printing Complex.
2. Tfseers and translations from King Saud University in Riyadh.
3. quran recitations for famous reciters in the world by
Abdelbari Al-Toubayti,Abdul Aziz Al-Ahmad,Abdulaziz Az-Zahrani,Abdulbari Al-Toubayti,Abdulbasit Abdulsamad,Abdulghani Abdullah,Abdulhadi Kanakeri,Abdullah Al-Burimi,Abdullah Al-Johany,Abdullah Al-Kandari,Abdullah Al-Mattrod,Abdullah Albuajan,Abdullah Basfer,Abdullah Fahmi,Abdullah Khayyat,Abdullah Qaulan,Abdulmohsen Al-Qasim,Abdulmohsin Al-Askar,Abdulmohsin Al-Harthy,Abdulmohsin Al-Obaikan,Abdulrahman Alsudaes,Abdulrasheed Soufi,Abdulwadood Haneef,Abdulwali Al-Arkani,Abu Bakr Al Shatri,Adel Al-Khalbany,Adel Ryyan,Ahmad Al-Ajmy,Ahmad Al-Hawashi,Ahmad Al-Tarabulsi,Ahmad Alhuthaifi,Ahmad Nauina,Ahmad Saber,Ahmad Saud,Ahmed Amer,Akhil Abdulhayy Rawa (From Malaysia),Akram Alalaqmi,Al-Qaria Yassen,Alashri Omran,Aldokali Mohammad Al-Alim,Alfateh Alzubair,Alhusayni Al-Azazi,Ali Abo-Hashim,Ali Alhuthaifi,Ali Hajjaj Alsouasi,Ali Jaber,Aloyoon Al-Koshi,Alzain Mohammad Ahmad,Bandar Balilah,Dawood Hamza,Emad Hafez,Fahad Al-Kandari,Fahad Al-Otaibi,Fares Abbad,Fawaz Alkabi,Hamad Al Daghriri,Hani Arrifai,Hatem Fareed Alwaer,Hussain Alshaik,Ibrahem Assadan,Ibrahim Al-Akdar,Ibrahim Al-Asiri,Ibrahim Al-Jebreen,Ibrahim Aldosari,Ibrahim Aljormy,Idrees Abkr,Jamaan Alosaimi,Jamal Addeen Alzailaie,Jamal Shaker Abdullah,Khaled Al-Qahtani,Khalid Abdulkafi,Khalid Al-Jileel,Khalid Al-Shoraimy,Khalid Al-Wehabi,Khalid Almohana,Khalifa Altunaiji,Lafi Al-Oni,Maher Al Meaqli,Maher Shakhashero,Mahmood Al rifai,Mahmood AlSheimy,Mahmoud Ali Albanna,Mahmoud Khalil Al-Hussary,Majed Al-Enezi,Majed Al-Zamil,Malik shaibat Alhamed,Mishary Alafasi,Moeedh Alharthi,Mohammad Abdullkarem,Mohammad Al-Abdullah,Mohammad Al-Airawy,Mohammad Al-Tablaway,Mohammad AlMonshed,Mohammad Rashad Alshareef,Mohammad Saleh Alim Shah,Mohammed Al-Barrak,Mohammed Al-Lohaidan,Mohammed Al-Muhasny,Mohammed Ayyub,Mohammed Hafas Ali,Mohammed Jibreel,Mohammed Osman Khan (from India),Mohammed Siddiq Al-Minshawi,Mousa Bilal,Muamar (From Indonesia),Muftah Alsaltany,Muftah Alsaltany,Muhammad Al-Hafiz,Muhammed Khairul Anuar,Mustafa Al-Lahoni,Mustafa Ismail,Mustafa raad Alazawy,Nabil Al Rifay,Nasser Al obaid,Nasser Alqatami,Neamah Al-Hassan,Omar Al-Qazabri,Othman Al-Ansary,Rachid Belalya,Rasheed Ifrad,Rodziah Abdulrahman,Rogayah Sulong,Saad Al-Ghamdi,Saber Abdulhakm,Sahl Yassin,Saidin Abdulrahman,Salah Albudair,Salah Alhashim,Saleh Al-Habdan,Saleh Al-Talib,Saleh Alsahood,Sami Al-Dosari,Sami Al-Hasn,Sapinah Mamat,Saud Al-Shuraim,Sayeed Ramadan,Shaban Al-Sayiaad,Shirazad Taher,Slaah Bukhatir,Tareq Abdulgani daawob,Tawfeeq As-Sayegh,Ustaz Zamri (From Malaysia),Wadeea Al-Yamani,Waleed Alnaehi,Walid Al-Dulaimi,wasel Almethen,Wishear Hayder Arbili,Yahya Hawwa,Yasser Al-Dosari,Yasser Al-Faylakawi,Yasser Al-Mazroyee,Yasser Al-Qurashi,Yasser Salamah,Yousef Alshoaey,Yousef Bin Noah Ahmad,Youssef Edghouch,Zakaria Hamamah,Zaki Daghistani

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PSP Blood Society – This application helps in donation Blood

PSP Blood Society

This application helps in donation Blood

PSP Blood Society screenshot 0PSP Blood Society screenshot 1PSP Blood Society screenshot 2PSP Blood Society screenshot 3PSP Blood Society screenshot 4PSP Blood Society screenshot 5

PSP Blood Society provides a platform where we can donate and can get blood just with a single click. Here in this application one can add and share his Information with all the community, and any needed person can search for the exact Blood Group over a finger Tip and button click.
If you need blood within your region just type COUNTRY,CITY, and BLOOD GROUP and SEARCH for it,It will shows all the related person who has the same Blood group which you are in need of it.

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Cupido Friends – Cupido Friends, your new place to meet new people and perhaps even more.

Cupido Friends

Cupido Friends, your new place to meet new people and perhaps even more.

Cupido Friends screenshot 0Cupido Friends screenshot 1Cupido Friends screenshot 2Cupido Friends screenshot 3Cupido Friends screenshot 4Cupido Friends screenshot 5Cupido Friends screenshot 6Cupido Friends screenshot 7Cupido Friends screenshot 8Cupido Friends screenshot 9Cupido Friends screenshot 10Cupido Friends screenshot 11Cupido Friends screenshot 12Cupido Friends screenshot 13Cupido Friends screenshot 14Cupido Friends screenshot 15Cupido Friends screenshot 16Cupido Friends screenshot 17

Cupido Friends, your new place to meet new people and perhaps even more. With video/chat function, login and test for free.

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Masterpiece – Masterpiece – A platform for Non-Digital Artists and Art lovers


Masterpiece – A platform for Non-Digital Artists and Art lovers

Masterpiece screenshot 0Masterpiece screenshot 1Masterpiece screenshot 2Masterpiece screenshot 3Masterpiece screenshot 4Masterpiece screenshot 5Masterpiece screenshot 6Masterpiece screenshot 7Masterpiece screenshot 8Masterpiece screenshot 9Masterpiece screenshot 10Masterpiece screenshot 11Masterpiece screenshot 12Masterpiece screenshot 13

Trying to show off your artistic skills but find your Art lost in the millions of other digital Art forms?
Do you feel the need of a platform where people can observe the nuances of your brush strokes better?
Do you wish to see classical art forms get more attention than what they receive now?

We present to you Masterpiece – Where your Art finds the audience it deserves !

Masterpiece is a platform for Artists to upload their non-digital Arts and share it with the World.

Inviting all Painters, Sketchers, Sculpturists and all Classical Artists to try this App specially hand crafted for you. Here you can upload your paintings, sketches, sculptures and all other classical art forms and share it with your friends & family.

Get likes on it, build your fan base and sell your Arts at your desired price!

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wapda online bill checker – View Online bill of All company working under PEPCO,PTCL and SNGPL bill as well

wapda online bill checker

View Online bill of All company working under PEPCO,PTCL and SNGPL bill as well

wapda online bill checker screenshot 0wapda online bill checker screenshot 1wapda online bill checker screenshot 2wapda online bill checker screenshot 3wapda online bill checker screenshot 4wapda online bill checker screenshot 5wapda online bill checker screenshot 6wapda online bill checker screenshot 7

App having ability to

*** view bill quickly
*** Just view detail of Your bill just entering its Reference number and get detail of it.
*** Having Zoom + and zoom – capability.
Smart Billing
Details of All bills in one app.
Get your wapda, Ptcl, SNGPL all bills on one touch just download this app/

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AzGram.Az – The Social Network – AzGram is the new social network for share status, photo, video and send gifts.

AzGram.Az - The Social Network

AzGram is the new social network for share status, photo, video and send gifts.

AzGram.Az - The Social Network screenshot 0AzGram.Az - The Social Network screenshot 1AzGram.Az - The Social Network screenshot 2AzGram.Az - The Social Network screenshot 3AzGram.Az - The Social Network screenshot 4AzGram.Az - The Social Network screenshot 5AzGram.Az - The Social Network screenshot 6AzGram.Az - The Social Network screenshot 7AzGram.Az - The Social Network screenshot 8AzGram.Az - The Social Network screenshot 9AzGram.Az - The Social Network screenshot 10AzGram.Az - The Social Network screenshot 11AzGram.Az - The Social Network screenshot 12

Share your statuses, photos and videos, and keep up with your friends and interests.
AzGram is a simple way to capture and share the world’s moments. Follow your friends and family to see what they’re up to, and discover accounts from all over the world that are sharing things you love. Join the community of many people and express yourself by sharing statuses, photos and videos from your day–whether it’s your morning routine or the trip of a lifetime.

Use AzGram for:
• Who visits your profile.
• Who unfollows you.
• Who blocks you.
• You can make your followers’ list private from the other people.
• Like or Dislike statuses, photos and videos.
• Edit and share photos and videos with filters and creative tools to change photo brightness, contrast and saturation, as well as shadows, highlights, perspective and more.
• Discover statuses, photos and videos you might like and follow new accounts in the Search tab.
• Send gifts to your friends from Budget tab.
• Send private messages, statuses, photos, videos and posts from your feed directly to friends with AzGram Message.

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