Month: April 2015

Semnatura pentru viata – Signs and help!Supported those who need a transplant.

Semnatura pentru viata

Signs and help!Supported those who need a transplant.

Semnatura pentru viata screenshot 0Semnatura pentru viata screenshot 1Semnatura pentru viata screenshot 2

Signs and help!

Supported those who need a transplant.
Sign the petition of support and you can make a shelf of all signatures collected so far.
Post your Selfiul of signatures on Facebook to show everyone that you are a true supporter of the Campaign invisible people from the Observatory.
With a simple signature help those who need a transplant to be heard, to become visible again!

See detail information and download apk file for android:


eChunav – Online voting platform for sharing opinions on the issues that matter the most


Online voting platform for sharing opinions on the issues that matter the most

eChunav screenshot 0eChunav screenshot 1eChunav screenshot 2eChunav screenshot 3eChunav screenshot 4eChunav screenshot 5 a social engagement platform to voice people opinion. It is an environment which supports online voting, online surveys regarding various topics such as politics, health, social, entertainment & more.
An open discussion forum which lets people raise their opinion & gather viewpoints from the people in general. With the internet being the public domain, eChunav works as a catalyst to increase the community involvement which help peoples opinion be heard & valued.
Different opinions & point of views with a variety of topics & questions. Be it politics to entertainment, thought provoking comments on every controversial issues. Get a chance to hear the voice of the people from various target audiences such as singles, married, men, women on the most talked about topics. The app also provides instant graphs & pie charts that reflects the thought processes of today’s world & helps in future predictions.

Easy voting & comments
Library of questions on various topics
Instant graphical representation of user votes.
Activity based ranking system
eChunav app recognizes the top rankers
Suggest questions
Friend’s referrals for discussions, boosting ranks, online surveys

See detail information and download apk file for your android phone:

조아조아 소개팅 (Made by team 밤비) – Arranged upset the common sense!The nation's first self-Arranged unlimited random matchingZoar? Joao!

조아조아 소개팅 (Made by team 밤비)

Arranged upset the common sense!The nation’s first self-Arranged unlimited random matchingZoar? Joao!

조아조아 소개팅 (Made by team 밤비) screenshot 0조아조아 소개팅 (Made by team 밤비) screenshot 1조아조아 소개팅 (Made by team 밤비) screenshot 2조아조아 소개팅 (Made by team 밤비) screenshot 3조아조아 소개팅 (Made by team 밤비) screenshot 4조아조아 소개팅 (Made by team 밤비) screenshot 5

Joao simple sign-up process, unlimited free matching? Joao!

Arranged upset the common sense!
The nation’s first, self-Arranged unlimited random matching social dating service
Arranged application-level rise of ranking!

– Self-Arranged
     Single photo, profile, sunlit ~ Off! Was introduced only seen NO!
     Please increase the probability of a positive self-introduction matching!

– Unlimited number of matching
     Once a day, only dating … noon? Tight matching of existing blind date is NO!
     At the same time add multiple matches, you can talk to Joa Joa!

– Matching age, gender freedom of choice!
     Only age, Sŏng-man Yi matching existing blind date had NO!
     Age, sex with multiple choice options,
     Meet up gay friends!

– Matching transfer function
     Is matched opponents pay a great deal?
     Try passed instead deleted!
     Be the legs of the New Destiny ~

Detail information and download apk file:

MB Notifications for Facebook – Facebook Notifications for your Android device!

MB Notifications for Facebook

Facebook Notifications for your Android device!

MB Notifications for Facebook screenshot 0MB Notifications for Facebook screenshot 1MB Notifications for Facebook screenshot 2MB Notifications for Facebook screenshot 3MB Notifications for Facebook screenshot 4MB Notifications for Facebook screenshot 5MB Notifications for Facebook screenshot 6MB Notifications for Facebook screenshot 7

NOTE WELL!! The new version of the Facebook API disables several friends-related requests, so features using those in my app (friends lists, requests, birthdays, online and lost friends) DON’T WORK anymore.


Let’s face it, when it comes to Android, whether you like the official Facebook application or not it has one major flaw: no notifications! And this is even more true when you don’t use any app for Facebook at all but just the browser, and yet want to keep updated. I frankly hate this: why would you have to check for updates yourself when you could get automatically notified whenever a notification from your Facebook account arrives, just as iPhone users do?

I decided to solve this issue for my own convenience, and so this is where this app chimes in: a lightweight and fast application to get notifications from Facebook, what you decide, at the interval you decide and reported as you decide. Nothing else, just as plain and simple as effective! Choose between general notifications, private messages, friend requests, events, birthdays, pokes, online friends and lost friendships and decide how to view the notifications:

* directly in the app, with the ability to like/comment/share/reshare/RSVP;
* open it in the official Facebook app;
* open it in FriendCaster (Free or Pro) if installed;
* open it in Seesmic, if installed;
* open it in Facebook Stream for Android, if installed;
* open it in the browser (full view, Touch or WAP version);
* or just open any other app you have installed (just opening the main activity of app, no custom behaviour)

The service can be started automatically at boot if you want, and a 1×1 widget is provided as well to explicitly request new notifications should you want to. 1×1, 2×1 and 4×1 widgets are also available to show counters of unread notifications. (NOTE: the widgets will NOT work if you move the app to SD). Notifications can be received in the notifications bar and as popup dialogs (by also unlocking and/or waking the screen, if necessary). Details on all the required permissions are at the end of this page.

Other features include: newsfeed, walls, pages, groups, checkin, photo/video upload and much more!

IMPORTANT: the app only gets NEW and UNREAD notifications, meaning it won’t download, for example, all the notifications you already saw before launching the app or between refreshes.

Icon set realized by Elisa!
Thanks to Matthew for the Gingerbread status bar icons!
Spanish translation realized by Luis López Moreno (; llmgraphics_com)
Danish translation realized by Rasmus
German translation realized by Carsten Schläger (;
Dutch translation realized by Elroy Tirbeni (Specially for his love: Annelies)
Portuguese translation realized by Marcio Andrade (marciozomb13 –
Turkish translation realized by HuS (He falls in love with Gözde <3) (
Pull to refresh implemented thanks to this library:

This application is not affiliated with Facebook. Facebook is a registered trademark of Facebook, Inc.


* android.permission.INTERNET: to get notifications from Facebook;
* android.permission.VIBRATE: for the optional vibrate functionality in notifications;
* android.permission.ACCESS_NETWORK_STATE: to avoid making unneeded requests if the network is unavailable;
* android.permission.DISABLE_KEYGUARD: to unlock the lockscreen, if requested for popup notifications;
* android.permission.WAKE_LOCK: to wake the screen, if requested for popup notifications;
* android.permission.WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE: to save pictures associated with notifications in the SD cache (the internal cache alone may be emptied arbitrarily and as such force the app to download the picture again, wasting bandwidth)

Detail information:

OK Messenger – free, fast and secure – OK Messenger

OK Messenger

free, fast and secure – OK Messenger

OK Messenger screenshot 0OK Messenger screenshot 1OK Messenger screenshot 2OK Messenger screenshot 3OK Messenger screenshot 4OK Messenger screenshot 5

OK Messenger is the perfect messenger for fans of classmates.
In addition to all the simple functions you can:

* Create large group chats, up to 200 members.
* Send a broadcast to 100 contacts at a time.
* Quickly share large video files, documents (.doc, .ppt, .zip) and so on.
* Send unlimited number of photos to your friends.

All this for free, quickly and safely.
Enjoy the use of an account, if you like!

Download apk file for your android phone:

Mobile Recovery (Tracking) – Recover your lost or stolen Mobile phone

Mobile Recovery (Tracking)

Recover your lost or stolen Mobile phone

Mobile Recovery (Tracking) screenshot 0Mobile Recovery (Tracking) screenshot 1Mobile Recovery (Tracking) screenshot 2

The importance of the mobile phone today is undisputed; it is one of the most important forms of communication available to consumers. Additionally, the uses of the hand phone are always evolving. Many consumers store increasing amounts of information (personal or otherwise) on such devices such as contact lists, pictures, videos and so on ? and rely heavily on these devices for day-to-day purposes. Today there are over 3.3 billion mobile phone user worldwide.

Due to consumers heavy reliance on mobile phones, theft or loss of mobile phones poses a huge inconvenience, especially in countries where there is a high rate of mobile phone ownership. Consumers are then no longer able to use their mobile phone to communicate with others, and also lose a great deal of personal information in the process. Needless to say, this causes consumers a great deal of distress.

Despite the frequency of mobile phone loss or theft, there has not been a satisfactory solution to track the whereabouts of missing mobile phones. Consumers currently do not have many options other than replacing their lost or stolen mobile phones, and reporting their loss to the authorities.

With this application, you can know other people taking your phone. You will get their phone number when they use your phone.

You can also monitor you phone movement by going to and enter your username and password. When you loose your phone, all you need to do is report your lost phone and the website will send the other mobile number you entered when you install this app, non authorise user’s phone number.

Detail information: