Month: September 2016

GA SOS – UI improvements


UI improvements

GA SOS screenshot 0GA SOS screenshot 1GA SOS screenshot 2GA SOS screenshot 3GA SOS screenshot 4GA SOS screenshot 5GA SOS screenshot 6GA SOS screenshot 7GA SOS screenshot 8GA SOS screenshot 9GA SOS screenshot 10GA SOS screenshot 11

The official app brought to you by the Georgia Office of the Secretary of State. From the Elections portion of the GA SOS Georgia citizens can to register to vote online and access their voter information through a mobile friendly version of the classic My Voter Page and see their polling place and view a sample ballot. From the Corporations portion of the GA SOS app you can search for a business, file your annual registration from the One Click or Express options of eCorp and order a Certificate of Existence.

Vote For Success – Elections
Where do I vote – View your polling place directions and early voting locations.

Am I registered to vote- Online voter registration and address or name updates (requires valid GA Driver’s License or ID).
Electronically submits your voter registration to local county election officials.
Polling place directions via your favorite maps app.
E-mails a copy of your voter registration request.
If you do not have a valid GA Driver’s License or ID, visit and click “Register to Vote” to access a fillable voter registration form that you can print and mail to your county elections office. It’s that easy!

My Voter Information- View your voter information, elections information, sample ballots, polling place directions and early voting locations. Simply enter your first initial, last name, date of birth and county of registration.
Key Election Dates- View the upcoming Georgia Election dates and Voter Registration deadlines.

Questions? Contact your county elections office or the Georgia Office of the Secretary of State Elections Division.

Work for Success – Corporations
Business Search- Access to all of the entity’s information of record with the Secretary of State. You can search for a business by Business Name, Control Number, Registered Agent Name or Officer Name.

One Click Annual Registration- Allows you to pay the annual registration if the entity is up to date on all past filing fees and no changes are required. Annual registration is January 1- April 1 each year.

Express Annual Registration- Allows you to make changes to your entity when filing your annual registration. Annual registration is January 1- April 1 each year.

Certificate of Existence- Gives you the ability to purchase a copy of an entity’s Certificate of Existence.

Any person authorized by the entity to do so may sign and file an annual registration (including online filing). Additionally, a person who signs a document or submits an electronic filing he or she knows is false in any material respect with the intent that the document be delivered to the Secretary of State for filing shall be guilty of a misdemeanor and, upon conviction thereof, shall be punished to the highest degree permissible by law. [O.C.G.A. § 14-2-129.]

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DP Lebaran Idul Fitri 2016 – New Collection DP BBM Greetings Idul Fitri 1437 H 2016

DP Lebaran Idul Fitri 2016

New Collection DP BBM Greetings Idul Fitri 1437 H 2016

DP Lebaran Idul Fitri 2016 screenshot 0DP Lebaran Idul Fitri 2016 screenshot 1DP Lebaran Idul Fitri 2016 screenshot 2DP Lebaran Idul Fitri 2016 screenshot 3DP Lebaran Idul Fitri 2016 screenshot 4

DP BBM Greetings Idul Fitri 1437 H. Previously, we would like to apologize terminal aidzin walfaidzin outwardly and inwardly, congratulations Eid 1437 Hijri 2016 for my friend Muslims around the world who the night before had celebrated the victory with takbiran night. Takbir has reverberated, hopefully my friend all in good health lack nothing.

The day of the pure is our family Lubangsemut want to share the happiness by giving the animation congratulations of Eid latest move or picture dp bbm gif to you all, there are some dp bbm Eid 1437 h which we’ll share as dp bbm night takbiran, download dp bbm greeting Eid 2016 , animated greeting Eid gokil, greeting Eid funny, moving images greeting Eid, dp bbm Eid, animated greeting cards Eid, motion animation greeting Eid, greeting Eid Java language, greeting Eid Sundanese, greeting Eid unique, sayings of Eid, the sayings of Eid English, dp bbm happy eid mubarak, happy eid mubarak 2016, dp bbm Eid 1437 h cool, dp bbm congratulations Eid 1437 h, rhombus Eid, Eid one day again, dp bbm Lebaran, dp bbm takbiran night and much more we will provide a pure, especially in this day.

We as a human being must not be separated from error, want it to parents, relatives, friends, or your partner. Apologizing in Fitr day is certainly very encouraged by Muslims and as technology develops dp bbm could also be a means to an apology for the brother of fellow Muslims that you can not go directly or located outside the city. Well okay not have to wait long, YUK DOWNLOAD APPLICATION ….

In addition dp can be used as fuel, can also be a picture inside Greeting Cards Eid Fitri 1437 H 2016 can be shared to social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp etc.

May be useful



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My Best Friend – Aplicación para encontrar y adoptar perros y gatos perdidos.

My Best Friend

Aplicación para encontrar y adoptar perros y gatos perdidos.

My Best Friend screenshot 0My Best Friend screenshot 1My Best Friend screenshot 2My Best Friend screenshot 3My Best Friend screenshot 4

Se pueden publicar perros perdidos o para adopción en el muro. Solo toma una foto y el lugar donde encontraste al perro o mascota para adopción y publícalo en el muro. En el mapa se pueden ver los centros de rescate de perros perdidos cercanos a tu ubicación. Puedes dar un click en el contacto para enviar a la persona que encontró tu mascota o que quiera que su mascota sea adoptada.

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Family Locator from Lifetrons – A family locator that connects you to the people you care most,when it matters

Family Locator from Lifetrons

A family locator that connects you to the people you care most,when it matters

Family Locator from Lifetrons screenshot 0Family Locator from Lifetrons screenshot 1Family Locator from Lifetrons screenshot 2Family Locator from Lifetrons screenshot 3Family Locator from Lifetrons screenshot 4Family Locator from Lifetrons screenshot 5Family Locator from Lifetrons screenshot 6Family Locator from Lifetrons screenshot 7

Family Locator (GPS Tracker) connects you to the people you care about most, when it matters. Stay in touch with family and friends, be informed when someone needs help. Create your own family trusted circle and add friends/family by inviting them securely. Lifetrons family locator is a fast, free, and simple way to stay connected with your friends and family using GPS/Wifi/Internet and can be tracked in real time. Its private and secure, only trusted friends & family who you add can view you from Lifetrons app or website. If you decide not to share location with specific person, just turn-off location from the friends list for that person. Download and try the app yourself and moreover we’ll not irritate you by pushing Ads like other app does.

App Features:

✓ Easy: Sign-up in few seconds
✓ Safe: Only people you authorize will be part of your Friends & Family list. People cannot search and add you.
✓ Live: Share location in real-time with dynamic map
✓ Global: Works anywhere if you have GPS and/or data connection and location is enable.
✓ Emergency: Live Emergency Book of the people you care. If you lost phone, you will still have access to the details of the people you care most which can be accessed over web or app.
✓ Social: Create your “Trusted Circle” – Family, Friends or Emergency Circle.
✓ Integrated: View from app or website – Works in sync. It’s a free feature and not charged like other apps.
✓ Family Locator: Most reliable and best family locator
✓ No Ads to irritate you while using app or website
✓ A SOS button (Emergency Connect) which will notify your emergency circle about your location and can be used as ICE (In Case Emergency) or Family safety tool with unlimited number of contacts.

With Lifetrons (Family & Friends Locator) app you can track your kids & old age parents and always know your loved ones are safe. This will work everywhere. Lifetrons Family Locator app keeps family & friends connected. Lifetrons Family Tracker / locator app uses GPS tracking along with Internet data and WiFi to get the location data to report the real-time whereabouts of your friends and family. Simply install the Lifetrons Family Locator app on your phone and your families’ phones. Once registered, each member appears as a unique icon with Photo on the GPS tracking navigational map so you’ll know exactly where each family members is, at all times. No need to send annoying “Where are your?” texts, the Lifetrons Family Locator puts this information at your fingertips and to make life super easy. You get basic details of your near and dears one on map quickly for any family safety needs but if you need more details, they are available in Emergency Book.

This is a great tool for women safety that can be used when you are in unsafe place or think you need to inform your emergency circle quickly (and secretly). No limit to add people in your emergency circle. Its has the features that can be used for everyday safety (Peace of mind) and real emergencies, that makes this tool an ultimate safety tool for Women Safety and for that matter used by you or everyone you love.

If you travelling to a unknown place alone, you can ask your loved one to track and can reach out to help immediately if required. More ways to inform will be added in upcoming release.

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Ispovedi se – Tell me what's bothering you, lighten the soul leaves his confession anonymously …

Ispovedi se

Tell me what's bothering you, lighten the soul leaves his confession anonymously …

Ispovedi se screenshot 0Ispovedi se screenshot 1Ispovedi se screenshot 2

Do you ever done something or are you thinking about something, and that anyone could not you say?
“Confess” is the place where you can anonymously say what’s on your soul.
Your personal anonymous confessions …
Find out what others think about it and how they react to your experience while remaining anonymous.
Your confession will be active a few seconds after the write …

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Fastags for Instagram – Speed up your post visibility to attract more Likes and Followers

Fastags for Instagram

Speed up your post visibility to attract more Likes and Followers

Fastags for Instagram screenshot 0Fastags for Instagram screenshot 1Fastags for Instagram screenshot 2Fastags for Instagram screenshot 3Fastags for Instagram screenshot 4Fastags for Instagram screenshot 5Fastags for Instagram screenshot 6

Tired of manually entering hashtag to your photos? Worry no more!! Now you can post the most suitable Hashtags directly from our trending categories of hashtags.

If you are Looking for best tags to promote your Instagram, Facebook or Twitter account than this app is just for you. Increase insta likes and insta followers by using our hand picked popular hashtags.

5000+ Popular tags to choose. All are devided into useful categories to make it easy to find the right tags for your photos and videos. Make custom tags to quickly access them when needed.

– Fashion
– Celebrities
– Entertainment
– Music
– Food
– Follow and Like
– Travel
– Populars
– Nature
– Social and People
– Animal
– Urban
– Electronics
– Art and Photography
– Weather and Seasons
– Holidays and Celebrations
– Family
– Sports
and many more.

Step 1: Select the right category of tags relevant to your Post.
Step 2: Choose one of the social apps like Instagram, Facebook or Twitter so that our powerful engine will copy tags automatically and redirect you to that app.
Step 3: Paste the tags and start getting likes and followers.
That’s it!!

– When you add some tags to your posts, it would be easier to be found them by people who are interested at the same thing.
– Its a great possibility that those people may finally follow you or at least like your posts. After you add more tags, the posts will be viewed by more people and your account also can be seen by more users.
– This would be much more easier for you to get insta likes and insta followers and become a popular guy or girl on Instagram!
– You must know that Instagram sorts their search results by time when picture or video was originally added and not when you added tags. So add hashtags using our Fastags for Instagram as soon as you post the picture.

Make sure you share this amazing app to your friends if you really like it 🙂

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Hiwe – Hiwe is a chatting platform that allows strangers to engage in conversations.


Hiwe is a chatting platform that allows strangers to engage in conversations.

Hiwe screenshot 0Hiwe screenshot 1Hiwe screenshot 2Hiwe screenshot 3Hiwe screenshot 4

Imagine the 90’s chatting experience in your phone. Today.

Hiwe is a chatting platform that allows strangers to engage in interesting conversations based upon various topics kicked off by a picture with catchy title.

Everyone is free to create his / her own chatting room (We call a chatting room a Memo) as well as join someone else’s Memo and share own opinions or photos in given conversation.

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