Month: December 2014

トークミー!みんなの掲示板 – Tokumi! Bulletin board everyone is community bulletin board that you can talk happily in any topic.


Tokumi! Bulletin board everyone is community bulletin board that you can talk happily in any topic.

トークミー!みんなの掲示板 screenshot 0トークミー!みんなの掲示板 screenshot 1トークミー!みんなの掲示板 screenshot 2トークミー!みんなの掲示板 screenshot 3

Tokumi community bulletin board is free that you can talk with many people happily in your favorite topics.
Let’s talk you can create a topic in the topic you want to talk about myself.

■ You can talk about your favorite sports and band
□ You can muttered to himself freely
■ You can try to recruit friends hobby
□ You can consult here just the trouble of love that can not be said to the people
■ You can ask questions that you are worried about …

Usage is a healthy community free of each person.

Features Tokumi
◎ I used freely! I can comment without membership registration.
◎ OK even real name even anonymously! You can can create a topic of their own, setting icon is possible when membership registration.
◎ Chat Communication in real time! By registering “My Favorites” topic anxious, it will be notified by push notification comment is posted.

※ I have been prohibited by the Terms of Use act to replace the ID, such as cacao talk or LINE.

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Christian prayers – Always have on hand your Christian prayers to pray where you need them

Christian prayers

Always have on hand your Christian prayers to pray where you need them

Christian prayers screenshot 0Christian prayers screenshot 1Christian prayers screenshot 2

Christian prayers to pray at any time.
With this application you’ll have the most representative and traditional Christian prayers that you always have on hand.
Maybe sometime you need to say a Christian prayer and do not remember it either did not know that prayer praying right now, thanks to this application you’ll never have that problem because here the best prayers you can pray as a parent are included or our Catholic faith, use them as prayers of protection.
Best of Christian prayers you do not have to be connected to the internet, all prayers are included within the application and you can use it offline, without being connected to internet.

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Konnect24 – Konnect24 gives you access to connect to friends and family using our app.


Konnect24 gives you access to connect to friends and family using our app.

Konnect24 screenshot 0Konnect24 screenshot 1Konnect24 screenshot 2

“Traveling abroad often for business or pleasure? Konnect24 free app is for you…”

With Konnect24 Mobile app your friends, family and associate can talk to you for free after downloading this amazing app on your android phone.

Download Konnect24 and enjoy our very much discounted rates monthly, or simply enjoy our pay as you go plan.

No more staying with your computer to receive calls! while you are by the pool within Wi-Fi range, or if you have internet on your mobile phone, drive around the city, visit friends, families or business associates, ​and​ never miss a call , Stay Konnected on your mobile phone wherever your daily engagements take you.

Our unique Features ​


​G​et connected with Wi-Fi, 3G/4G/ LTE, Calls through. Our Call through feature is very unique, it allows you to make calls when internet connection such as Wi Fi , 3G/4G/LTE data connection are not available. With call through your calls are routed to a local access number in that country, then connects you to our system , the call gets place reaching your party at the same incredible low rates.​


​Y​ou can send message to your contacts using Wi-Fi, 3G/4G/LTE data connection

Virtual Numbers

​Y​ou may obtain virtual numbers from 80+ countries. With virtual numbers you may forward your calls to your mobile number, it gives you an international presence while at home or away from home. You may be in UK and have a Canada virtual number, your contacts in Canada can call you as if they were dialing a local number. Visit out Virtual number page ​at ​for more info, or simply click on menu and buy your virtual number.​

Free calls with Konnect 24 app

Download Konnect24 mobile app and have your friends and family download the app as well from anywhere in the world and make free calls, chat, conference, share photos, files and other information, and lots more for free, by using Konnect24 mobile app.

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ChatBox – Chat Rooms – The best chat room app in the app store!

ChatBox - Chat Rooms

The best chat room app in the app store!

ChatBox - Chat Rooms screenshot 0ChatBox - Chat Rooms screenshot 1ChatBox - Chat Rooms screenshot 2ChatBox - Chat Rooms screenshot 3ChatBox - Chat Rooms screenshot 4

ChatBox Chat Room is a FREE app for all android users to have access to live chat rooms. If you are looking for a cool place to chat and meet people on your Android Device, then Chatbox Chat Room has you covered. We are a growing community of Chat Rooms and Chatters from around the world. You can Chat in the room of your choice and even Private Message other chatters if you want to have a more personal chat session.

Here are some other really COOL features of Chat Box Chat Rooms….

What can you do with ChatBox?

★ Live Chat With Hundreds Of Users! ( Our Android Chat Room Community is growing by the hour!)

Discuss Current Events, Marketing and Local Happenings with anyone!

★ Have an idea for a chatroom? Contact us and we will take your suggestions for adding rooms. Or simply like us on Facebook and suggest it there so the community can vote on it!

★ Send Private Messages to other chatters within the room. 
★ Full Moderation! We want to keep a fun and safe community for all so we moderate the chat as needed.

❤ We are currently looking for a few trust worth moderators for the chat rooms so if you are active in our community simply apply by swiping to the right and using the >Feedback>Talk To Us function and let us know you are interested in being a chat room moderator.

Some Of The Chat Rooms Available:

✔The Lobby Chat Room:
If you are not sure where you want to chat you can start off in the lobby and use it as a place to mingle and chat with other people who are looking for another place to chat or just hang out.

✔Role Players Chat Room – (RPers)
This chat room was added after launch by the request of many of our users. This room is made for all that enjoy role playing. Come on in and enjoy the fun as you role play with your alter egos and have fun with everyone else in the room!

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Population Clock – It shows the Live Population of world and other many countries too.

Population Clock

It shows the Live Population of world and other many countries too.

Population Clock screenshot 0Population Clock screenshot 1Population Clock screenshot 2Population Clock screenshot 3

WORLD POPULATION LIVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!(Approx. Value)

It also shows the Live Population of others 56 Countries.
Also shows the daily birth and death value(approx.)

U can be updated with the world ongoing Population…..

Hope it would be helpful..

All suggestions and reviews will be acknowledged….

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Cast Vast – Broadcast Message around you.

Cast Vast

Broadcast Message around you.

Cast Vast screenshot 0Cast Vast screenshot 1Cast Vast screenshot 2Cast Vast screenshot 3Cast Vast screenshot 4Cast Vast screenshot 5Cast Vast screenshot 6

Have your ever come to a situation where you would like to send a message to all people around you in particular area. for example, you are traveling to a new place and you need help in finding something like nearest Tourist Information Center, you would like to invite all your neighbors to a party, or you are in a crowed, and you need to find somebody but you don’t have his mobile number.

Well,, this application for you!!

Cast Vast will allow you to broadcast message to all users in close vicinity to you. All you need to do:

1) Choose the radius of broadcast circle.
2) Type the message, and
3) Send.

It’s that simple! Cast Vast, magically, will do the reset.

No registration is required, only choose a name, and start sending messages.

Detail information and download apk file for android:

Funny States for all – Phrases funny status for all social networking profiles

Funny States for all

Phrases funny status for all social networking profiles

Funny States for all screenshot 0Funny States for all screenshot 1Funny States for all screenshot 2

Compilation of funny states to use in their social networks or want to send them through your friends, family or partner states.
All the funny statements can send to anyone by simply pressing the button to share.
Changes the status of any of the social networks you use one of these funny statements and make your profile the most fun of all your groups.

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