Month: February 2016

Orbi – Orbi is a platform that builds social experience around 9 second voice notes.


Orbi is a platform that builds social experience around 9 second voice notes.

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Orbi is a new social network built to help people all around the world share a social experience around voice. On Orbi, you create a profile, post 9 seconds voice notes and get to discover people based on your personal social network and interests. Orbi is built to foster open ended discussions and is an avenue for endless creativity through your voice.

Orbi allows you to:

– Create your personal profile
– Find friends and other interesting people
– Post voice notes (orbs) that everyone can listen to
– Upload pictures to complement your orbs.
– Create hashtags through captions
– React to orbs with location based smileys

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Nicer – Call any Phone – Call your friends and family for cheap prices

Nicer - Call any Phone

Call your friends and family for cheap prices

Nicer - Call any Phone screenshot 0Nicer - Call any Phone screenshot 1

Call any Phone with “Nicer”!

“Nicer” is the simplest and best app to make cheap internet calls.
Calls are made over your Wifi (VoIP) connection (no airtime being used).
Check the incredible rates in the application.

This service does not cover calls to emergency phone numbers and should not be used as such.
“Nicer Call any Phone” is based on CSipSimple and is licensed under GNU GPL v3. More information in the app.

Your first call is free!

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Chillisim VoIP 2 – Chillisim VoIP and Chat application

Chillisim VoIP 2

Chillisim VoIP and Chat application

Chillisim VoIP 2 screenshot 0Chillisim VoIP 2 screenshot 1

If you all ready have a Chillisim simcard you can save even more money on international calls with the Chillisim app. Calls are charged to your Chillisim account and will be far less than calling from the sim card.

· Use your Chillisim credit
· Call from any wifi worldwide
· Call using data from any 3g or 4g sim worldwide
· Call using data from your Chillisim
· Send messages from Chillisim to Chillisim Free
· Username is your phone number without country prefix and password you find in “my account”
· Support at or text 1515 from yourchillisim

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Thalabathy64 – This is an App on Thalabathy


This is an App on Thalabathy

Thalabathy64 screenshot 0Thalabathy64 screenshot 1Thalabathy64 screenshot 2Thalabathy64 screenshot 3

This app is created and dedicated to our thalabathy who celebrating his birthday on March1

With the rays of the sun, MK Stalin wakes up to start the day with his brisk morning walk at the IIT(M) campus. There is something in the air at that time of the day in the lush greenery, where spotting a deer in the middle of the city is a common sight. It definitely evokes a kind of kindred with the city and its people. And with that thought of what he can do to this place he calls home, and what the city has done for him, MK Stalin muses and begins his day.

He is a simple man who like any other takes great pleasure in playing with his grandchildren, chatting up with friends, and eating a home cooked meal specially laid out by his wife. But his greater need is always to serve the people of Tamil Nadu and there is no denying that his achievements thus far, stand testimony to this.

Close to half-a-century later, MK Stalin is content with his accomplishments so far… but does it ever stop? Not in this ever evolving State of Tamil Nadu where developments lead to more developments, social changes call for more changes and where culture meet and churn out more traditions. But MK Stalin is ready as always to meet these challenges, as to him it’s a place close to his heart and which holds the future of the Tamil- a word which has many meanings and symbolizes its people, its language and its culture!

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