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SHARE – Stay in touch, browse the programme and timetable of the SHARE conference.


Stay in touch, browse the programme and timetable of the SHARE conference.

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The second SHARE conference takes place on 26-28 April 2012, when Belgrade will once again become the epicenter of exchange of progressive ideas and knowledge in the field of society, technology, Internet, music and new media. The event will be accompanied by intensive music program, which will be simultaneously organized in several well-selected clubs and alternative venues in town.

Since the first ‘SHARE’ was held in spring 2011, turbulence of Internet activism has shaken every part of the planet. Arab spring, occupation of Wall Street, fight against SOPA and PIPA bills are just some of large movements, which showed that the Internet has a growing influence and inspires radical changes and community action.

This year, SHARE conference will once again gather more than two thousand activists, bloggers, engineers, programmers and artists from Serbia and internationally, in three days of interesting lectures, workshops and meetings at the Dom Omladine. The lectures will be given by leading international stars in the field of Internet activism and social changes, cyber dissidents and world-class bloggers, who will educate the audience on new forms of activism and approach in use of new media and advanced technologies. Discussions will delve deep into the underground of the Internet movement and explore groups that fight for digital rights, protecting the privacy of fellow residents. With progressive music and culture, they will glorify the Internet as open and free territory for all.

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Czech Namedays Trial – České svátky

Czech Namedays Trial

České svátky

Czech Namedays Trial screenshot 0Czech Namedays Trial screenshot 1

Have you ever wanted a professional nameday application with widget? Here you are! With lots of functions!

**This is a trial version with limited functionality. If you like it, would like to have all functions, and get rid of the ads, or just to support my work, buy the full version. Thanks!**

★ Completely offline
★ Nice and simple widget that shows the current date’s and the following 3 days’ namedays
★ Nameday list with dates that can be sorted by alphabet and date as well.
★ 17 widget themes
★ The colors of the dates and namedays on the widget is customizable
★ Click on the names to see your phone contacts with the same name and then click on them to send them sms and e-mail, call them, or to see their contact info!
★ Contacts of the phone can be linked with a name. Link e.g. „Otec” with „Pavel” and if you click on Pavel in the list, you will not only see the contacts with the name Pavel, but „Otec” as well!
★ Notification alert for namedays
★ Click on the widget to launch app!
★ FAQ and tips in the Help menu

Developer notes

-Storage card (the app the stores the links of contacts with names and the set alerts in txt files in the sdcard/CeskeSvatky folder)
-Personal information (contact info)
-Phone calls (option to call a contact)

If the widget does not load the names, place it again, or reinstall the app without uninstall – this way you don’t lose your settings, links, alerts.

Please send any developer ideas, errors to I try to answer the mails in 48 hours.

Please rate the app and write a comment!

Thank you!

KEYWORDS: svátky, svátek, česky, česká, ceské

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ggrks plug-in for twicca – Enjoy millions of the latest Android apps, games, music, movies, TV, books, magazines & more. Anytime, anywhere, across your devices.

ggrks plug-in for twicca

Enjoy millions of the latest Android apps, games, music, movies, TV, books, magazines & more. Anytime, anywhere, across your devices.

ggrks plug-in for twicca screenshot 0ggrks plug-in for twicca screenshot 1ggrks plug-in for twicca screenshot 2

ggrks plug-in enables to search the words in tweet .
This plug-in is for twicca.
ggrks means “You should search the word in google before ask other. fuckin’ novice!”.

See detail information and download apk file for your android phone: videos – Explore thousands of Christian videos from the worldwide community. videos

Explore thousands of Christian videos from the worldwide community. videos screenshot videos screenshot 1

The official Android app allows you to watch featured Videos and TV Shows of Christian artists, bands, and speakers. Check out thousands of Christian videos on your Android device!

Tune in to live video streams from church services and Christian conferences from around the world to receive fresh inspiration.

The videos app is a complimentary service provided by – the worldwide faith-based social media community in 22+ languages. Enjoy and “Share the Glory”!

Some videos in this app may require the Adobe Flash Player application to be installed.

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Чат с незнакомцем – Anonymous chat with a stranger

Чат с незнакомцем

Anonymous chat with a stranger

Чат с незнакомцем screenshot 0Чат с незнакомцем screenshot 1

Communicate with a stranger alone in an anonymous chat from
No registrations and authorizations! One click and you’re connected!

New in version 1.6
– Fixed problem of departure, which appeared in the previous version

New in version 1.5
– Added the function of vibration when an incoming message [can be disabled]
– Optimization of the small

New in version 1.4
– Fixed possible crash when an incoming call chat
– Filter button become prettier

New in version 1.3
– Fixed a rare work in minimized mode
– Auto-the conversation with a temporary loss of communication
– Now send messages verified
– Improved performance

New in version 1.2
– The ability to send messages by pressing Enter
– Shows the total number of communicating

New in version 1.1
– Full-time job in landscape mode

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Kapture – A powerful tool to view and download pictures from Facebook.


A powerful tool to view and download pictures from Facebook.

Kapture screenshot 0Kapture screenshot 1Kapture screenshot 2Kapture screenshot 3Kapture screenshot 4Kapture screenshot 5Kapture screenshot 6Kapture screenshot 7

Never has there been such a simple but such a powerful tool to view and download pictures from Facebook.

With Kapture you can:
1. View your tagged photos and albums
2. View your friend’s tagged photos and albums
3. Enlarge and zoom into individual photos
4. Download your tagged photos, your albums, your friend’s tagged photos and your friend’s albums, all in high quality to your SD card
5. Choose specific photos within an album to download
6. Create and choose which folder to download photos to

You have the flexible choice of downloading an entire album with 1 click, or preview the entire album first and then save with 1 click, or even select specific photos and select a range of photos in the album to save. Tagged photos will be previewed in pages of 200 photos each.

You also have the ability to download your photos into specific folders. With the in-built file browser you can create and select folders on your SD card before downloading, allowing you to effectively organize your downloads.

The downloaded photos are of the highest quality available on Facebook.

When the download has finished, you can view these photos in your standard image gallery i.e. the Android Gallery app, or even transfer them to your computer!

Instructions and quick tips:
1.Short presses on individual albums, album photos and folders will lead to downloading an album’s photos for preview, enlarging a photo, or browsing into a folder in the file browser.

2.Zoom in and out of enlarged photos using pinch-to-zoom or by using the + and – symbols

3.Long presses on individual albums, album photos and folders will generate menus allowing you to perform actions such as saving an album, marking photos and selecting a specific folder to download photos to in the file browser.

4.The options menus will show you options such as load your friend list, load the file browser, create a folder, save selected photos, save all previewed photos and logout.

Kapture installs on your SD card, but you can move it to internal phone memory if you wish after it has installed.

You can also visit and subscribe to Kapture’s Facebook page at:

If there are any comments, complaints or bugs, please feel free to email and I will help as best as I can. I will be upgrading this app to add more features!

Please also rate this application!

I would also like to thank the following people for their input:
Alykhan Tejani
Azfarul Islam
Wing Hym Liu:
Android Development Community:
Stackoverflow Android:

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URLy – the URL sharer – Multi-purpose URL sharer: Easily shorten URLs, upload files and send messages.

URLy - the URL sharer

Multi-purpose URL sharer: Easily shorten URLs, upload files and send messages.

URLy - the URL sharer screenshot 0URLy - the URL sharer screenshot 1URLy - the URL sharer screenshot 2URLy - the URL sharer screenshot 3URLy - the URL sharer screenshot 4

URLy is your handy and powerful URL shortener and file uploader that helps you share URLs. It comes with a lot of features, is highly customizable and very easy to use. You can shorten URLs, upload files and insert them into a new message. URLy also functions as a plug-in for Twigee and Twicca to upload files and shorten URLs.
It supports a lot of famous services like,, Dropbox, ImageShack, Yfrog, TwitLonger and many many more (see below for details).

URL shortener:
• Support for about 40 different shortening services:, /, CloudApp,,,,,,,,,,, and more.
• User credentials for,,, and others so that URLs are added to your user’s history.
• Shorten with your own Yourls or ShURLy shortener.
• Easily choose and rearrange the services you want to use.
• Custom URL support.
• Page title sharing.
• Shorten long URLs to short URLs.
• Search for songs and receive a short URL that points to the song at Grooveshark.
• Share shortened URL with other apps: Create a new E-Mail, SMS, Buzz, Tweet, Facebook post, Task, etc. with the shortened URL.
• Password-protect your URLs with, and

File uploader:
• Upload photos with URLy via ImageShack, Yfrog, Twitpic, Twitgoo, Imgur (including album support), picplz, Moby, Plixi, Pikchur, Twitrp, Posterous, TwitrPix, TwitRP, FileSocial,, Gallery3.
• Upload videos with Yfrog, ImageShack, Twitpic, Posterous, Pikchur.
• Upload any kind of file with Dropbox, CloudApp, FileSocial, Posterous, TwitDoc, or your FTP server (via AndFTP).
• Receive the URL to the uploaded file and forward it to other apps.
• Resize photos before uploading them (saves a lot of bandwidth / upload time).
• Insert forum code for uploaded images (see menu -> insert forum code -> this will wrap you URL into [img] [/img]
• Auto-shorten the file URL with your favourite URL shortening service.

Post messages:
• Use URLy to insert the short URL and file URL into a new message / status update.
• Post it directly to Twitter or any Twitter-compatible service like, or or forward it to other apps like TweetDeck.
• Shorten messages with TwitLonger.
• Insert special UTF-8 characters into the message.
• Send messages via Twitter API proxy if you can’t perform the Twitter OAuth due to firewall restrictions.

Twigee & Twicca plug-in:
• Shorten all URLs of the currently composed tweet using your favorite shortening service or Yourls server via URLy without leaving Twigee or Twicca.
• Use URLy as a media uploader.
• Reply to a tweet in Twicca: Select a tweet, press “Reply with URLy” and a new Tweet can be composed in URLy. After sending it, URLy will close so that you’re back in Twicca.

Please visit my blog or follow me on Twitter / Facebook for further information. I’d appreciate any kind of feedback. If you have a suggestion / request / problem please send me an eMail. I can’t investigate / elaborate it further if it is just a market comment.

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