Month: June 2013

こえつぶ – Enjoy millions of the latest Android apps, games, music, movies, TV, books, magazines & more. Anytime, anywhere, across your devices.


Enjoy millions of the latest Android apps, games, music, movies, TV, books, magazines & more. Anytime, anywhere, across your devices.

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The tweet twitter as it is using Google voice input, posted this dedicated client application.
Our procedure is as follows.

Start 1. App and dispense the twitter authentication
I put the widget of [voice] in grain 2. Home screen
I will do the setting of 3. Widget.
I 4 Tap. Widget
Take if you take the 5. Photo
Speak and are asked to 6. Voice input
And (when cancel quit) you choose to do one 1-7. Completion
(At the time selected in 5) to be 8. Tweets

TL do not think you can view in particular, but I made the assumption and if you want to tweet while taking a walk. Because I can post just speak from the home screen, I’ll mutter feel free!

From version 1.1.0
When you place the widget, it is now possible to set the hash tag. And I think whether it will be useful to mutter, such as when you are participating in the event.

From version 1.2.0
It is now possible to set the post for @ null addressed when in response to a request, to place the widget. It is best to tweet to himself!

From version 1.3.0
To start over immediately if speech recognition result was funny, I put a button again. Stress reduction in this! !
It is now that Tsubuyake as it is and upload it to take a picture.
Services that are currently supported,
· Twitpic
· Yfrog
· Plixi
· Lockerz
· Photo Ru Yip one

From version 1.4.0
I added a function that can not Tweeted rather. If you want to it is only up to take photos, this place is convenient. It becomes … widget icon.

From version 1.5.0
I was supported twicca plug-in. from browsing screen of twicca, when you tap a tweet, so there is a (reply) voice grain, if you select it, you can reply in a voice grain (hash tag, upload photos does not correspond)

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Who Has Me – Search & Contact Millions of People By Name, Number or Email

Who Has Me

Search & Contact Millions of People By Name, Number or Email

Who Has Me screenshot 0Who Has Me screenshot 1Who Has Me screenshot 2Who Has Me screenshot 3Who Has Me screenshot 4

Want to know how many people have Your number?
How they are calling you? Try this…..

* Search People By Name, Email or Number.
* Find Missing Friends With Name Search and Get in touch again.
* Receiving Emails, Just Search Email and get the Information of Sender.

Detail information and download apk file for android:

Event Scheduler – A handy tool for sending messages on planning activities.

Event Scheduler

A handy tool for sending messages on planning activities.

Event Scheduler screenshot 0Event Scheduler screenshot 1Event Scheduler screenshot 2Event Scheduler screenshot 3Event Scheduler screenshot 4Event Scheduler screenshot 5

The interface is available in 25 languages​​.
This application is part of the SMS Manager 2.0.
Do not forget to click on the activation button in the upper right-hand corner.
Why do you need an event planner.
Event planner is also SMS scheduler. In which you are programming greetings or messages about seminars, meetings with friends, and so on.
In the event planner conveniently displays the date (in chronological order). As well as the events are named (a friend’s birthday, a weekly meeting on Friday, “do not forget about the report,” and so on). The names appear in the list of events.

Setting dispatch messages every hour, every 3 hours, every 8 hours, and so on to once a year.
You can set the number of copies of a single shipment. For example, each year, only two years (i.e., two copies). Every hour, a total of three times (three copies).
Thus, you set the limit of messages about the event or the limit for congratulations. For example, you meet every Friday in the summer with friends. Adjust send to: every Friday, once a week, 10 copies. Message will be sent to 2.5 months, and then stop sending.

If the activation button in the upper right corner is not pressed. A check mark next to the event is active, the message will not be sent, but a two-day reminder will inform you about the event. Thus, you will have the reminder of events without sending messages.
All the options and opportunities.
– The two-day reminder of the event.
– Set the background color and font for the interface.
– The choice of contacts or groups.
– Notification of the success or failure of sending messages (audio or text).
– Select the time format: 24 or 12 am / pm.

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서울서머나교회 – Seoul Smyrna Church applications.


Seoul Smyrna Church applications.

서울서머나교회 screenshot 0서울서머나교회 screenshot 1

Dawn of Southern California and the United States serve the Smyrna church minister Kim Sung Soo return your CTS Noryangjin April 1, 2012 was established to lend part of the building is a church. Smyrna Church in Seoul goals and vision for the visible church is not a brute. In addition, a great believer in the people that make the world such as being praised by changing the purpose of the church is not going. True believers in the church who made a great compliment that also exists in the world by changing the way the church is not the purpose. The true church to the people to contribute to society by well-matured group aims to be the glory of God, but because this is a place that appears. The world, including man (No. Cosmos) reveals the glory of God to be deleted jangryeolhi not exist for the glory of its existence is because the church is made. I take the word of the church at Smyrna Seoul, who reveal themselves through the sky and realize the truth of God in our human physical self (Psyche), the word is entirely within the negative (toss Dana’s death) there is true freedom in the fulfillment of the gospel through faith in the happy Please life. God chose the Saints understand the paradox is sikisil.

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Chabad App – All in one

Chabad App

All in one

Chabad App screenshot 0Chabad App screenshot 1Chabad App screenshot 2Chabad App screenshot 3Chabad App screenshot 4Chabad App screenshot 5Chabad App screenshot 6Chabad App screenshot 7

The software includes The Rebbe’s sefarim and sefary kodesh sidur,tehilim Rambam Talmud and more
You can watch the previews of news sites and link to the site
You can post an ad on Chabad classified
You can also search for phone numbers and address of the Chabad Anash in Israel and the U.S.
you have the opportunity to add to contact list after searching the phone book and finding the person
You can find zmanim
Listen to chabad and general music
in Process of building a social network only to Chabad
in Construction use online multimedia files

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World for Tchad – Humanitarian Association of Chad's population.

World for Tchad

Humanitarian Association of Chad's population.

World for Tchad screenshot 0World for Tchad screenshot 1World for Tchad screenshot 2World for Tchad screenshot 3World for Tchad screenshot 4

World for Chad is a humanitarian non-profit organization, created in 2010 and governed by the law of 1 juillet1901. It aims to carry out humanitarian activities of charities and solidarity for the people of Chad, Central Africa, in the areas of: education, training, health, family, childhood .

World leads for Chad and develops projects in different areas to improve the quality of life of Chadians. As a humanitarian association, it proposes to conduct or join in the activities and projects such as immunization against childhood diseases (measles, whooping cough, tetanus, diphtheria, tuberculosis, polio …).

The fight against malnutrition and against typhoid fever, the creation of health centers and the provision of medicines and medical equipment, the creation of schools and provision of school supplies to the most disadvantaged, the installation of drinking water wells among others.

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소원수리 – ㅋㅋ ㅋㅋㅋ simple explanation? ㅋㅋ


ㅋㅋ ㅋㅋㅋ simple explanation? ㅋㅋ

소원수리 screenshot 0소원수리 screenshot 1소원수리 screenshot 2소원수리 screenshot 3

Make a wish craving.
Now that is gungseoche. Is serious.
^ ㅡ ^


v1.0.0: Launched
v1.0.4: add announcements, UI changes
v1.1.0: add the Settings menu and UI changes
v1.2.0: my article list
v1.3.0: Initial Screen UI changes
v1.4.0: KakaoLink linked
v1.5.0: UI updates and bug fixes
v1.6.0: PUSH added.

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