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Test Elecciones 2015 – Which party do you think is most similar to your political ideas? Find out!

Test Elecciones 2015

Which party do you think is most similar to your political ideas? Find out!

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Which party do you think is most similar to your political ideas? Find out completing the 21 questions of our 2015 Elections Test.

2015 is an election year, first with the regional and municipal elections, and after the General Election. 2015 Elections Test aims to be a guide to vote in these elections, showing which are the parties most closely resemble and what are the most different from your political ideas. This application is designed as a help or guidance for voters, not political interests or campaign.

2015 Elections Test account the views of political parties up to 22 scattered communities. At the start of the Test, the user enters his community and get the degree of similarity of their ideals with those of the most important games of his Community.

The application consists of 3 sections:

1- Political Test. What is your opinion on abortion? What about the unions? You are, together with other issues, forming a total of 21 questions that address the issues and political opinions classic characteristics of each party. At the end of the affinity test results are displayed with every match your Autonomous Community through a graph.

2 Statistics. In this section you can check out games that have more other users of the application, filtered by region. These results are completely anonymous.

3- electoral programs. It is available to the user programs of the 22 parties that make up the application. It is able to corroborate the results of the test and knowing the measures proposed by each.

Again this serves only and orientation. Everyone is free to vote the party who believes that most represents you.

Any questions or suggestions for improvement is always welcome. The clickabus@gmail.com attend through and through our Twitter accountTestElecciones.

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