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Social Invites Plus – Request an invite to the exclusive new social network!

Social Invites Plus

Request an invite to the exclusive new social network!

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Do you want early access to the Google+ social network, an exclusive new website for sharing content with your friends? Download this app to request an invitation from the guys who are already inside.

Google+ is now open to everyone! No invite is required. However, you can still download this app if you’d like to be added to my circles. I’ll try to get around to adding everyone.

This is an unofficial app, written by an Android developer who is NOT working for Google. If you want the official Google+ app, just search for it in the Android Market.

* GOOGLE, GOOGLE+ and ANDROID are trademarks of Google Inc. This app is not affiliated with, or endorsed by Google in any way.

–Message from the developer–
My name is David Webb, and I blog at makingmoneywithandroid.com/
At present, sign-ups for the Google+ website are by invitation only. To register, you have to have an invite from someone who is already signed up. I’ve currently got an account, and would like to help as many people join as possible.

If you download this app, and submit your email address, you’ll be added to the request list immediately. I go through the list every day, and invite as many people as I can by hand. However, there is a limit to the amount of invitations that can be sent out – some days I can’t send any invites at all. This is not an automated system.

Since invitations are still limited, I’ve implemented a points system. If you want to speed up your request, simply click “Get Points”, and complete a few of the offers available. This will earn you points, and I’ll invite the people with the most points first.

For full disclosure – I get paid a small amount by the advertiser when you complete an offer. Hopefully this will compensate for the time I spend inviting people. Because it does take quite a lot of time to send separate invitations to hundreds of registered email addresses! But if you have a problem with me earning money from this app, feel free to submit your email address and not complete any offers. You’ll still stay on the list, and I’ll do my best to invite you as well.

Submitting your email does not *guarantee* you will be invited to Google+. If invites are suspended or blocked for a time, I may not be able to invite you before the social network opens to the public. Submitting your email address is simply an expression of interest. I have to comply with the terms of service, and not use any automated means to send out invites.

Any questions, concerns, or privacy issues, please email me: thebigbyte@gmail.com

This app submits a pseudo-random unique ID that is specific to your device. This is simply used to keep track of your points, and is required by the TapJoy library. This ID cannot be used to identify you personally, or your phone number.
Google Analytics is used to report errors, and report basic usage statistics. Again, no personal information is gathered (even if there was, you know I’d never sell it to the evil vampires that are lurking….)

“Network acccess” – To submit your request 🙂
“Read phone state” – Required by the TapJoy library, to obtain the device ID for tracking your points

Detail information and download apk file for your android phone: https://goo.gl/lZthfg