Smooth新浪微博客户端 – Sina microblogging third-party clients


Sina microblogging third-party clients

Smooth新浪微博客户端 screenshot 0Smooth新浪微博客户端 screenshot 1Smooth新浪微博客户端 screenshot 2Smooth新浪微博客户端 screenshot 3Smooth新浪微博客户端 screenshot 4Smooth新浪微博客户端 screenshot 5Smooth新浪微博客户端 screenshot 6Smooth新浪微博客户端 screenshot 7Smooth新浪微博客户端 screenshot 8Smooth新浪微博客户端 screenshot 9Smooth新浪微博客户端 screenshot 10Smooth新浪微博客户端 screenshot 11

A third-party microblogging client, as far as possible to maintain, so that we experience some of the google relatively new style and features.

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MobStar – MobStar – Social talent discovery, support, & development platform.


MobStar – Social talent discovery, support, & development platform.

MobStar screenshot 0MobStar screenshot 1MobStar screenshot 2MobStar screenshot 3MobStar screenshot 4

Social talent discovery, support, & development platform.

Authentic 15 second videos, global competitions, and crowd-funded support… Open to anyone with a smartphone, show the world what you’ve got!
Join MobStar and reinvent the discovery, support, and development of talents globally.

MobStar is currently in beta stage and we value your thoughts & experiences with the app. If you spot any bugs or would like to give us feedback, simply shake your device to take a screenshot and send a report.

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iCasei – Manage your iCasei wedding site directly from your Android device.


Manage your iCasei wedding site directly from your Android device.

iCasei screenshot 0iCasei screenshot 1iCasei screenshot 2iCasei screenshot 3iCasei screenshot 4iCasei screenshot 5iCasei screenshot 6iCasei screenshot 7

Enjoy the mobility of your smartphone and / or tablet to have the site of your wedding information iCasei always with you. Administer and manage your website in a simple and practical way.

With iCasei app you can:

• Post photos and edit your albums
• Check real-time RSVPs
• Approve messages and comments on your blog
• Thank gifts received
• Show statistics

Version News

There were improvements in information architecture and application accessibility providing greater ease and convenience to users.

Tweaks and bug fixes.

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adMingle – #ShareYourPassion! – The Official adMingle Publisher's Application! #ShareYourPassion

adMingle - #ShareYourPassion!

The Official adMingle Publisher's Application! #ShareYourPassion

adMingle - #ShareYourPassion! screenshot 0adMingle - #ShareYourPassion! screenshot 1adMingle - #ShareYourPassion! screenshot 2

You always dream of making money when sharing on social networks?

adMingle is your first ‘Personal Advertising Network’ that pays real money for that.
Luckily adMingle bring you the brands that appreciate your endorsement
and are ready to pay you for your time. Unlike any other social network out there!

Statistics show that we spend 2 hours a day on average using social media and messaging.
This means 60 hours a month or 8 working days we work for social networks for free!
We are here to change the world and teach that to ‘Share’ is great and is for free
and to ‘Mingle’ is when your share carries a value!

How? Just download and join this change!
Start making money from your social media today!

What’s New ?

* It’s Free! You don’t pay, we pay you instead.
* You can announce the love for your favourite brands, services and charities.
* You make money based on how influential you are on social media or on traffic or actions you create.
* You can receive and manage your campaigns while on the move
* Using adMingle you can share with Whatsapp, Facebook, Twitter, G+, LinkedIN, Pinterest, Tumblr, Blogger and Xing
* We’ve also added VKontakte, Odonklassniki and

* You can get paid cash directly to your bank account or to other payment methods we support in your country.
* We give you the opportunity to be creative and create your own posts when endorsing.
* We are available only in 14 countries and we increase the support in more countries as we go.

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Eventifyd – Craft your event – An event creation app to help you plan, invite, share and discuss your event.

Eventifyd - Craft your event

An event creation app to help you plan, invite, share and discuss your event.

Eventifyd - Craft your event screenshot 0Eventifyd - Craft your event screenshot 1Eventifyd - Craft your event screenshot 2Eventifyd - Craft your event screenshot 3Eventifyd - Craft your event screenshot 4Eventifyd - Craft your event screenshot 5

Eventifyd gives you the ease to craft your event your way, wow your audience, manage events and at the same time make the whole journey seem so simple.
Eventifyd lets you connect and chat with people who matter, do real-time chat, share photo, ‘LIKE’ event and people, create notes, check locations of friends, see attractions near your event venue and many more things. You can choose from different themes like birthday party, anniversary, hangout, get together, girl’s day out, meetings, trips, celebrations, executive retreats and more to create an event.

Be it Event Management, Birthday or Anniversary Party, Women’s Day Out or Hangout with your friends, sending invites, a successful event requires plenty of preparation. Organization is the key to a flawlessly executed event but with Eventifyd Mobile app go beyond the event.
So, be an event planner yourself.

With Eventifyd in your hands, you can:
• Choose and create perfect theme based event.
• Create event specific guest list.
• Invite friends & family, and know about their plans like who all are coming & who are not, who wants to eat what, etc.
• Provide easy access to information to guests.
• Create & share agendas, itineraries, note & more.
• Give pin-drop location of event venue to help attendees reach venue.
• Find attractions and service providers near event venue so that you can do perfect event management.
• Have one tap access to information about who is where while guests are reaching to your party.
• Have location features like Follow me.
• Update anything related to event at any time and an instant notification will be sent to everyone.
• Let your guests know exactly who to contact when needed. Let them know about RSVP, Transporter, caterers and others.
• Do easier event management: Collect and share photos in just a few clicks.
• Improve event experience: Discover and see where your guests are while they are reaching to party and celebrations.
• View event details, including maps and directions.
• Enhance guest engagement by: Discussion of theme & venue, liking the event & people, photo sharing, and many more things.

Want to know and see what more eventifyd has got, visit Put your experience to good use by planning, designing and throwing events for private and public clients. Eventifyd steps in and gives your special events the attention they deserve. When it comes to staying organized, there is no better friend than Eventifyd.

This app allows you to keep all your “stuff” in one convenient place, be it event details, images, or notes.
Once you have Eventifyd in your hands there is no more chasing everyone down for photos of events! Keep track of your entire event production, including all images from vendors and different team members. Just ask all guests to upload them on Eventifyd.

It lets you keep your event alive always.

Craft your event your way!

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MeWe – Share photos and messages privately and easily with your groups and friends.


Share photos and messages privately and easily with your groups and friends.

MeWe screenshot 0MeWe screenshot 1MeWe screenshot 2MeWe screenshot 3MeWe screenshot 4MeWe screenshot 5MeWe screenshot 6MeWe screenshot 7MeWe screenshot 8MeWe screenshot 9MeWe screenshot 10MeWe screenshot 11MeWe screenshot 12MeWe screenshot 13MeWe screenshot 14

We are social creatures by nature and private people by right. MeWe offers the power of self-expression with the coolest cutting-edge features. Stay connected to the people who matter most in your life.

– Post updates with photos, videos, animated gifs

– Share with specific groups or all your Contacts at once through “My World”

– Respond to posts with likes, loves, and emoji

– Use disappearing content to privately share your favorite moments

– Control who sees your posts with easy-to-use privacy options

– Chat privately one-on-one, with multiple people or an entire group

– Communicate via Privacy Mail with members on desktop and mobile

– Get up to 8GB of free space to store your stuff!

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Marathi Shaadi – Official App of Marathi Shaadi – The World's Leading Marathi Matchmaking App

Marathi Shaadi

Official App of Marathi Shaadi – The World's Leading Marathi Matchmaking App

Marathi Shaadi screenshot 0Marathi Shaadi screenshot 1Marathi Shaadi screenshot 2Marathi Shaadi screenshot 3Marathi Shaadi screenshot 4Marathi Shaadi screenshot 5, the World’s Largest Matchmaking Service for Marathi speaking audiences, is not just any matrimonial site. With a new match being made every 2.4 seconds, our service proudly boasts of more than 4 lakh success stories!

Our service has touched over 3.5 million lives to date. As a leader in what is sometimes known as the matrimony category, we have continually redefined the boundaries with our innovation led approach.

The MarathiShaadi app has an intuitive interface that guides you smoothly through a signup process and will have you interacting with like-minded matches in no time

The MarathiShaadi app is free to download. Using it is a breeze and you get access to features that allow you to:

• Control your privacy settings
• Find new matches by waving your phone
• Get instant match and chat notifications
• Get great offers on premium memberships
• Use our award winning Instant Messenger

Besides finding Matches in India, you can connect with Marathi speaking NRIs from countries like USA, Canada, UK, Australia, UAE, New Zealand, Qatar, Germany, Saudi Arabia, Oman and Singapore. You can search for matches from various Indian cities like Nashik, Kolhapur, Aurangabad, Ahmednagar, Satara, Sangli, Solapur, Jalgaon, Amravati, Latur, Nanded, Raigad, Ratnagiri, Chandrapur, Akola, Belagavi (Belagaum), Mumbai, New Delhi, Bengaluru (Bangalore), Chennai, Hyderabad, Ahmedabad, Kolkata, Surat, Pune, Jaipur, Lucknow, Kanpur, Nagpur, Visakhapatnam, Indore, Ludhiana or Patna. Similarly, you can also find Marathi matches from international locations like San Jose, Jersey City, Auckland, San Francisco, Chicago, Boston, Singapore, Santa Clara, Los Angeles, Dubai, Toronto, Melbourne, Abu Dhabi, New York, London or Sydney.

The MarathiShaadi app is proudly created in India & caters to various communities such as Maratha, Kshatriya, Kunbi, Brahmin (be it Deshastha, Kokanastha), Mali, Chambhar, Dhangar, Teli, Lingayat, Agri, Mahar, Bhandari, Koli, Matang, Koshti, Sonar, Vanjara, Sutar and others.

You can also check out our official app that represents myriad other regional languages and communities such as Hindi, Urdu, English, Sindhi, Marwari, Jat, Rajput, Ezhava, Agarwal, Nair, Kayastha, Baniya, Reddy, Kamma, Vishwakarma, Vanniyar, Nadar, Iyer, Yadav, Iyengar, Pillai, Maheshwari, Agrawal, Brahmin, Sunni Hanafi, Khatri, Arora, Shia, Catholic, Gursikh, Ramgharia, Leva Patel, Shafi and others.

Apart from Marathi Shaadi we also have apps that represent other regions such as Bengali Shaadi, Kannada Shaadi, Malayalee Shaadi, Tamil Shaadi, Telugu Shaadi, Punjabi Shaadi, Gujarati Shaadi and Odia Shaadi.

Our membership is a celebration of Indian religious diversity representing Hindus, Muslims, Sikhs, Christians, Jains, Jews, Buddhists as well as Parsis.

With over 1000 new registrations a day, Marathi Shaadi (sometimes misspelt as Marathi Shadi), has re-defined the way Maharashtrians across the world meet. It continues to lead the online matchmaking (not to be confused with dating) category even after a decade.

Some of the recognition for our mother-brand that we think is pretty cool:

• Best Matrimonial Site (Reader’s Choice, New York Times publication, USA)
• Top 50 Innovative Companies (Fast Company, USA)
• Most Trusted Matrimonial Brand (Brand Equity, Economic Times, India)

Well, that’s all we have to say. Now it’s time for you to download our app and get a step closer to your life-partner.

All the best in your partner search!

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