Hashtap – Follow your hashtag interests on Instagram & Twitter.


Follow your hashtag interests on Instagram & Twitter.

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Hashtap is a place to keep up with important happenings on your social media timelines through hashtags.

For example, say you follow Beyonce on Instagram, and you want to know when she does the mannequin challenge, you’d simply add #mannequinChallenge to your Hashtap profile. That’s all. Hashtap does the rest.

And if you’re anything like us who are always too busy to spend time sifting through social media timelines? This app is for you. You can safely avoid missing out on great opportunities flowing through your social media daily, while also giving a 100% focus to your work at the same time. Just use Hashtap to keep up and you’d get notified the minute anything good comes along.

That simple.

Happy Hashtapping!


Kindly note that names of individuals or companies mentioned or shown in pictures here are in no way associated with the Hashtap App. They are so mentioned to effectively describe and show how this app works.

See detail information: googleplaystoreapks.com/category/social


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