Contact Lens – Contact Lens is the free speech social media

Contact Lens

Contact Lens is the free speech social media

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Contact lens changes the game of social media. We’re reversing the damage done by mainstream social media by encouraging people to meet and talk face to face. Lets face it, no video chat app will ever be the same as grabbing lunch with your buddy, shaking hands with your business partner after closing the deal, or kissing your spouse.

Share photos easily, all you need is a URL (with an extension of .jpg, .png or .gif) and they’re ready for your friends to see!

This app is so social we even have thought sharing* ** and a web browser*! The thought sharing is similar to Twitter’s, but we won’t ban you for your views. Your Thoughts page is like your own discussion center, say what you want, others can respond and you don’t have to worry about being banned just for your political views. Free speech is proudly supported on Contact Lens. The web browser saves no history and information, so it’s totally risk free. How cool is that?

Wether you’re a parent who need’s to locate your kids, a business person who needs to find where your colleague is meeting you, or just a regular guy who wants to find where your friend is, Contact Lens is for you.

Simply create an account, enter your passkey and you can share your location* ***. Want to find out where your friend is? Have them create an account, enter their passkey and their name (can be whatever you want to name them), click save and then click the button to find where they are!

Nobody wants a headache trying to navigate through an app! We make navigating the app simple by using Material Design.

Only 3 contacts can be added now, but we’re going to have an update soon that adds more contacts!

If you ever need any help working this app, we’re literally one click away! Just click the Contact Us button and we’ll be happy to help you!

*Requires an internet connection to work
**Similar to twitter, but no restriction on how many characters you can use
***Location requires a location sensor in your phone, internet connection and location to be enabled.

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