eva – be real – eva – a new video social network – tell your story with unlimited record

eva - be real

eva – a new video social network – tell your story with unlimited record

eva - be real screenshot 0eva - be real screenshot 1eva - be real screenshot 2eva - be real screenshot 3eva - be real screenshot 4eva - be real screenshot 5eva - be real screenshot 6eva - be real screenshot 7eva - be real screenshot 8eva - be real screenshot 9eva - be real screenshot 10eva - be real screenshot 11eva - be real screenshot 12eva - be real screenshot 13eva - be real screenshot 14

eva is a brand new video social network. every video you record becomes part of your eva story automatically stitched together to tell your story. eva lets you take unlimited video to create a never ending story of your life. on eva you keep your videos and memories in our secure cloud, they don’t get deleted automatically, you keep the memories and moments forever.

on eva the videos you take are automatically uploaded to your feed and to the wider eva public feed. you can search by #tags to find the right communities and discover the content that’s interesting for you.

whether you want to create a video diary of your life and opinions, share your interests and the world around you, learn about how to tell a great joke or be inspired to take up a new hobby, eva is the social network for you.

every month eva will bring you new exciting channels around people, interests and events

See more information: googleplaystoreapks.com/category/social


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