Quatscha.at Chat – Private chat or hang out in the chat room. Meet and have fun.

Quatscha.at Chat

Private chat or hang out in the chat room. Meet and have fun.

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Quatscha.at is one of the last real chat platforms from Austria.

Write in chat rooms, send private messages, smileys, View profiles with photos, rate photos and comment on, the search function, participation in joint activities and many other functions are and will remain free.

In many chatrooms talked from morning to night and drilled Smalltalk. If we find someone sympathetic, and you start easily a new private chat. Some can be found also prefer and look forward to mail from new faces. The main thing: fun, entertainment and never bored!

In addition to manual testing of profiles we have implemented highly effective measures against fakes. Already over 10% of users have carried out the verification. For all other profiles we caution if the behavior of the user in the chat is very atypical in terms of its gender information in the profile, because “men behave in chat a little bit differently than women, or vice versa.” 🙂

New friendships and all circles of friends form chat churning. Thus a “cronyism” is nipped in the bud, decide with us the users themselves every 6 months, who may be involved as a good soul in chat!

About 1 million messages each month, of which more than 100,000 in the open chat rooms. On most diligent is blabbing 19:00 to 11:00 p.m. us go to sleep at night!

Members come from all over Austria and are 16-38 years old. 47% are female, 53% male. Approximately 10% of users have dazugesellt from Germany and Switzerland.

Quatscha.at users meet in person not only chat, but often. The chat will help you Chattertreffen, Dates, leisure / sport activities or other meetings to organize.

We wish you a lot of fun!

If you have suggestions for Quatscha.at, report a bug or would like to commend us to heaven, turn away my email to hilfe@quatscha.at or write a review for the app! We are pleased about every review and every answer!

Download apk file for your android phone: googleplaystoreapks.com/category/social


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