Inform Me Phone Tracker – "Inform Me" your best family tracker!!!

Inform Me Phone Tracker

"Inform Me" your best family tracker!!!

Inform Me Phone Tracker screenshot 0Inform Me Phone Tracker screenshot 1Inform Me Phone Tracker screenshot 2Inform Me Phone Tracker screenshot 3Inform Me Phone Tracker screenshot 4Inform Me Phone Tracker screenshot 5Inform Me Phone Tracker screenshot 6Inform Me Phone Tracker screenshot 7

Inform Me is the app which help parents to protect their children from strangers that may adversely affect the morale of children through specific calls or sms(which children often do not have the courage to talk openly with their parents about the situation created). And even if someone tries to steal the phone – Inform Me helps you collect data from your child’s phone.
Inform Me – is a very accurate location services for family members. It is a safe way to track your children on the map around the clock. All you need – it’s a phone with Android on the installed application.
Who needs a tracking service like Inform Me?
Parents with children from 6 to 18 years, whose children attend every day on city streets to school, to relatives, walk with friends or family.
The list of application functions
✓ Location and maps:
✓ SMS tracking
✓ Call tracking
✓ Notice of places: receive notifications when family members come to school or home (this is automatic Chekin!).
Important: All family members should know that this application is installed and running on their device, and must be willing to monitor their whereabouts
With Inform Me you can access family information from your smartphone on Android, when you’re away from your children and family members
Warning: any services based on GPS-technology works when the GPS, Wi-Fi or Mobile internet service is on.
Inportant: in app purchases for premium account.

See detail information:


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