Silo – Networking Community for Startup Founders


Networking Community for Startup Founders

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Get all the help you need, give all the help you can – solid advice, warm Intros, first hand recommendations and even recruit – The Silo community is here for you and your business.

★★ “The ability to reach out to a larger community
that is willing to help gave me access to valuable
people and information I would not be able to get otherwise”
(Alexander Tsyplikhin, Co-Founder at Data Monsters, Silicon Valley)

★★ “Right from the first ask, I realized Silo was comprised of many people who were willing to help each other. Not just ‘profiles’ or ‘connections’, but real people eager to help each other and getting the same in return.”
(Maria Adamian, Founder, Ecamb, Silicon Valley)

Professional Networking is no longer annoying, boring, awkward or terrifying.
Professional Networking is no longer meaningless.
Professional Networking IS WORKING AGAIN.

>>Here is what you can easily do in silo from day 1<<

🗹 Get answers you can count on
🗹 Find people you know and people you want to know
🗹 Apply to private groups that can help you
🗹 Build a positive reputation by helping others
🗹 Soak up priceless information from public answers

>> Silo is not “just another networking app”<<

Silo is a powerful, active, community of incredible start up founders
committed to helping each other get where we all want to go.

No one can make it alone and now no one has to.

Is there anything you need help with?
Is there anything you feel you can help with?

Join Silo now & take your networking to the next level.

Download apk file for your android phone:


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