Bully Genie Deluxe – Auto text an "I need help" and location alert to friends and/or family…

Bully Genie Deluxe

Auto text an "I need help" and location alert to friends and/or family…

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Bully Genie Deluxe is an inexpensive and easy to use app designed to help people make contact with friends and family in times of need. It can be tailored for many urgent situations … such as:

victims or witnesses of bullying; or

Someone that is hurt, perhaps from a fall or abuse; or

Someone on a “Bad Date”; or

Someone who is lost … or worse, kidnapped; or

Someone that is simply feeling a little too good … “Drunk.”

Utilizing an Android Smartphone’s texting and location services, a text alert message can be triggered to automatically broadcast to as many as three recipients. The text alert will include a customized message, as well as the location of the sender when a GPS signal is recognized. The app can be setup to continuously send a text alert message every 1 – 5 minutes until it is terminated.

This easy-to-use app only requires the user to customize the Profile record:

– Phone # 1: (Required: Phone number of the 1st recipient … must be 10 digits)

– Phone # 2: (Optional: 2nd recipient)

– Phone # 3: (Optional: 3rd recipient)

– Frequency: (Required: Number of minutes between alerts)

– Password: (Optional: 4 digit numeric code to gain access to the Bully Genie Deluxe Profile and alert termination)

– Auto Stop: (Optional: number of alerts to send before auto termination. Must be between 10 and 999)

Additionally, the user can also customize the Message record:

– Name: (Optional: The name to be listed at the bottom of the text alert)

– Alert Text: (Require: The brief message to be sent (i.e. “Please come get me!) . The message can be up to 100 characters.)

– Alert Type:(Required: The type of alert will appear at the top of each alert text message. The options are: Bully, Bad Date, Lost, Hurt, Kidnapped, or Check-In.

Once the Profile and Message records are customized and saved, the alert process can be triggered by simply clicking the Bully Genie Deluxe icon then clicking Start Alert. The app requires the location service to be in the “on” position. If the location service is “off,” immediately after clicking the Bully Genie Deluxe icon, the user will be presented with a dialog screen that will allow the service to be turned on.

Alerts will continuously broadcast, even while the phone is in sleep mode, to the designated recipients at the designated frequency until the process is terminated. The alert process is terminated when one of the following occurs:

– The Stop Alert button is clicked; or

– The number of sent messages reaches the Auto Stop number; or

– The power is drained.

Bully Genie Deluxe may be the perfect app to help the person who happens to be in the wrong place at the wrong time.

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See more information and download apk file for your android phone: googleplaystoreapks.com/category/social


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