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The family’s, friends’ birthdays, wedding anniversaries and other prepared to remember the special occasion is a great android application.
No more forgetting important dates!

** Features
– Add the birthday person included in the directory or directory.
– People search feature.
– Seeing a person’s horoscope and features.
– Ability to add photos to other people.
– Being able to customize the service and service reminders.
– Ringtone for notification.
– Time for notifications
– Days of notification; On the day, 1 day ago 2 days ago 1 week ago, 15 days ago.
– Notification to defer.
– The message templates to define.
– E-mail notification day, sending sms or share options in the social platforms.
– Ability to send bulk SMS.
– Data backup and restore feature.
– Txt file transfer easily prepared list of friends.
– Widget feature.
– Simple and stylish!
– %100 free.

** Permissions
– Internet access : It has been used for ads.
– USB storage : Backup and used for file transfer.
– Read and write contacts : To add a contact from the contacts were used.
– Send SMS : It is used to send bulk SMS.

The only thing you need to do the application on your phone to download it for free!

This application is supported 2 languages as follows.
Turkish and English.
Some messages for new UIs are left in English. If you can translate them to your language, please email us.
Thank you.

Detail information and download apk file for your android phone:


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