iPrestador – Find the best professionals and service providers close to you.


Find the best professionals and service providers close to you.

iPrestador screenshot 0iPrestador screenshot 1iPrestador screenshot 2iPrestador screenshot 3iPrestador screenshot 4iPrestador screenshot 5iPrestador screenshot 6iPrestador screenshot 7iPrestador screenshot 8iPrestador screenshot 9iPrestador screenshot 10iPrestador screenshot 11iPrestador screenshot 12iPrestador screenshot 13iPrestador screenshot 14iPrestador screenshot 15iPrestador screenshot 16iPrestador screenshot 17iPrestador screenshot 18iPrestador screenshot 19iPrestador screenshot 20iPrestador screenshot 21iPrestador screenshot 22iPrestador screenshot 23

The iPrestador is a solution that connects users to services and professional providers.

Find architects, photographers, plumbers, consultants, builders, mechanics, physical therapists, caretakers and more. All in one place !!!

Everything has been designed so that users have the best possible experience in the search and professional services providers, quickly and conveniently.

With iPrestador, users interact with professionals, recommends them to the community, show and share with your friends.

Find the best professionals in the comfort of your home or wherever you are and stop venturing around, hiring professionals without references !!!

Have iPrestador at hand and ease your life.

For professionals and service providers, the iPrestador offers a powerful profile marketing tool, where they will have the opportunity to publish their work and leverage their business.

Each professional and service provider can register and disclose their Whatsapp, Email, Website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Linkedin, Google+ and Pinterest. Thus, the greater the chances of receiving an offer and closing a deal.

Users can access social networks and contacts of professionals and service providers with just one click. Simple like that!

Do not waste time. Multiply your opportunities with iPrestador.

Download apk file for android: googleplaystoreapks.com/category/social


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