Facepage – Follow your favorite Facebook pages and express your passion! No login required.


Follow your favorite Facebook pages and express your passion! No login required.

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Following your favorite stars on Facebook Pages have never been this easy!

No need to sign in to the app. You can stay anonymous without logging in and still enjoy the experience of watching multiple Facebook Pages on a single screen!. Be in confidence and flip through.

Bookmark (not ‘Like’) your favorite fan pages and experience a smooth glide across all their updates in a single screen!.

If you login using your Facebook account you can Like, Comment or Share posts from your stars on your own timeline. Express yourself and active in the fandom!.

Download it now for free!.

Your bookmarks will be stored only in your device’s local storage but you have the option to backup and restore them from our server (requires Facebook sign-in ).

Interesting? Download it now for free.

There is a lot more cool features we have packed for you.

* Capture updates from multiple fan pages in to one single screen (My Facepage)
* Browse through the most popular Facebook pages of your interested country or industry
* Search Facebook pages and bookmark to follow (does this silently – nobody will see it!)
* Simple flip-tab based design keep flipping across pages easily
* Like, Comment and Share posts
* Option to auto-sort your bookmarks based on your usage (follows usage patterns)

And a lot more to explore. Don’t wait, check it out now!.

Note:- The initial launch of the app will take more time to initialize and load contents from default bookmarks. We recommend to uninstall version prior to 2.0, for installing version 2.0 and above.

1. We are not affiliated to Facebook or any other social networking platform providers.
2. We do not intent to replace Facebook’s apps. Our effort is to provide a lighter way to watch your most interested fan pages without even need to sign-in (sign in is optional).
3. Even after signing in, only limited but most common interactive functions are provided.

Copyrights(c) Acknowledgement
1. Facebook is a registered trademark of Facebook Inc. and this app is NOT made by Facebook. It simply uses approved secure APIs to access the available contents from Facebook.
2. We respect copyrights. Any registered trademarks, names or copyrighted materials, design cues found in the app are solely for ease of use or referential purposes and all such original properties belong to their respective owners.
3. While we have taken all efforts to respect the copyrights requirements, any cause for violations if found, kindly bring to our notice via email (feedback@facepage.co). We will resolve them quickly.

Detail information and download apk file: googleplaystoreapks.com/category/social


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