Drive Mode – Safe Drive, Save a Life.Auto SMS Alert for Caller, While Driving.

Drive Mode

Safe Drive, Save a Life.Auto SMS Alert for Caller, While Driving.

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Safe Drive an interesting feature in the application is the Driving alert. When there is a call ringing on the mobile phone, and the user is driving at more than 20km speed (“Drive Alert Minimum Speed” this number will denote the minimum speed beyond which the calls will be terminated with the alert SMS.

It is possible to specify the speed as 0km – in this case – irrespective of whether the user is driving or stationary, all the calls will be terminated), then it automatically sends a short message service (SMS) to the caller saying that the user is at a given location and driving at a given speed.

The SMS will have a link showing the user’s location on Google Map, and will also indicate to the caller that the user is driving at some given speed.

This feature gives the app user undisturbed and undistracted driving experience. The user can turn on/off driving alert location on his or her mobile, or choose to disable driving alerts.

In the notification bar, we are showing the speed of the user – if the user is stopped, it will not be visible in the notification bar and seen only when the user is moving.

Save a Life:

Added the application helps bring to blood donors and recipients together for the better service of humanity. The application also allows existing Blood banks to be registered and available for searching. It uses the latest in global positioning co-ordinates to register blood donors. A blood donor while registering will specify his or her blood group, phone number and area where he or she is located.

The application also allows existing Blood banks to be registered and available for searching. The global position co-ordinates of the blood bank are captured when registering a blood bank.

When a user wants a particular group of blood for an emergency transfusion, he or she can choose to search either for a blood donor or a blood bank.
When searching for a blood donor, specify the blood group which is required.
Find from my location. For same location – GPS or for other location – select the place on the MAP.
An SMS is sent to all the registered users who have the specified blood group.

In case there are no donors in the area, we can increase the radius of search until we find the nearest blood donor.

It is also possible to search and locate a blood bank for a given radius. The user can then initiate a call to the blood bank and speak with the main contact person from within the application itself.

Other features:

The application is user friendly as it also allows the user to choose his or her language. The user is not forced to use English language which is the default. User can choose from the available languages and change the User Interface to use their language of choice.

At present only English,Tamil,Hindi and Arabic are supported. We plan to add more languages in the future.

See detail information and download apk file:


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