Petzar – Petzar – Elopement, wake skating, Seen!


Petzar – Elopement, wake skating, Seen!

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Every pet owner and animal lover to feel the situation when pets have gone missing.

“Petzar” is the first tier app that helps runaway pets recover.

With “Petzar” launches the first tier app that supports all pet owners and animal lovers about to runaway pages dedicated or seen pets, to bring back to their home.

How it works “Petzar”

Search and find

• Elopement
In our “elopement” section you’ll find all the pets that are missing. Runaway pets in your area are displayed first. With the detail search you have to look for the possible answer to a specific species Date and place. In addition to the images view, can you view all the results in a list or on a map.

• course running
Under “running up” you will find all the pets that are running up another animal friend and waiting to be brought back home. Here we offer you any additional features such as you find them under the heading “Elopement”.

• Watched
Under the heading “seen” you’ll find pets that other “Petzar” users are running up or considered elopement, photographed and uploaded to “Petzar”. Thus contributes to bring help missing pets home the “Petzar” Community.

• Contact
Join with other animal lovers and “Petzar” users via phone, email or our comment function (instant message) into contact. Parts, Pets bring your information quickly and easily and Help back to their familiar surroundings.


Do you miss your pet, or you ran up a pet? Then easy and free give a display in “New ad” or the red “+” button.

• Notification Service
Use our communication services and inform in addition all Petzar animal friends around you. You get all a message, that you miss your favorite or you pet is running up. This service you can use by emergency button even after display task.

• Viewed
Here you can create (no login required) with only a photo display in just a few seconds. Take this opportunity to report freewheeling pets. After successful task display your ad will also appear on the “PETZAR” -Facebook side and on bazar_at! In addition, you can share your display with your friends on Facebook, Twitter and Google+.


In your personal area you can find not only your advertisements placed, but also all notifications. Here you can also edit your personal settings.

Have you questions about Petzar? Then you find the right answers here. Under “Frequently Asked Questions” you can easily to the solution of your problem looking or contact our team using the contact form.

PETZAR can do even more

• No need to login,
The basic functionality of our app basically work without login. “Abandon runaway display” Only in certain functions such as data is retrieved once, which are then stored in your user profile under “My App”.

• Innovative user Communication
Within the app you have the possibility to send comments and communicate outside the app via phone and email.

• Assistance in finding
You know alone not continue? We’ll help you! By “support in the search” in “My App” you can find all veterinarians, animal shelters and clubs in your area. You may, you quickly and directly to contact an authority so that your pet will be found quickly and brought to safety after the display task.


We look forward to your feedback.
For questions, comments and requests you to contact our team at any time and contact us by email ( or phone (+43 1 50147-0) available!

Download apk file for your android phone:


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