SAC MPF – All citizens, including lawyers, can register and consult demands


All citizens, including lawyers, can register and consult demands

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The room Citizen Assistance was created as a communication channel between the Federal Public Ministry (MPF) and society, to receive news of irregularities, representations, information requests and other claims directed to the MPF.

With this app, citizens, including lawyers, can register and see the progress of demands.

With the application of the Federal Public Ministry, any citizen can file complaints and request information about the institution and procedures, and track the progress of requests sent by a protocol number to the applicant by email. Files can be attached to no more than 4MB, totaling up to 12MB in size.

The requests made by the application are forwarded directly to the Service Room Citizen of the Federal Public Ministry. Demonstrations can not be anonymous, but the user can choose to register your request confidential. Secrecy, unlike anonymity, identifies the applicant, but ensures that personal data will be preserved and not disclosed.

Complaints can be made to the MPF practices on crimes involving interests of the federal government, federal agency or a federal public company:
– tax evasion,
– Invoices fraud,
– Non-payment of federal taxes and contributions,
– Smuggling,
– Tax evasion,
– Bank fraud,
– Illegal withdrawal of FGTS,
– International drug trafficking,
– Crimes against the INSS,
– Crimes against the post office,
– Broadcasting crime (pirate radio, clandestine)
– Counterfeit currency crimes,
– Use of fake diplomas,
– Forgery of passports and / or consular visas,
– Crimes committed by agents of the Internal Revenue Service of Brazil, the Federal Police or any federal agency,
– Racism on the Internet.

The MPF also acts in defense:
– The rights and interests of indigenous peoples,
– The environment,
– Goods and rights of artistic, aesthetic, historical, tourist and landscape that part of the national heritage.

It is not for performance of the prosecution in the case of individual interests.

See detail information:


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