Votenaweb – Nonpartisan civic engagement presents bills in progress


Nonpartisan civic engagement presents bills in progress

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What is
The Votenaweb is a nonpartisan civic engagement application that provides a simple and brief, the bills pending in Congress. Anyone can vote for or against the proposals and give their opinion. We were in charge to take to Congress the results of public participation.

The goal of Votenaweb is to increase the politicization of society, provide an easy way to track, vote and discuss the work of politicians, and create a favorable environment for dialogue between parliamentarians and citizens.

The mission of Votenaweb is to strengthen democracy in the world.

How to participate
To participate in the Votenaweb just make your registration on the site and start voting. You can vote and comment on how many bills you want, and view voting maps; read the full text of the proposals; send direct messages to parliamentarians; and check their degree of affinity and political parties.

The Votenaweb is a project developed by Webcitizen that has a multidisciplinary team of law students, journalists, Advertising, Programmers and Designers. All professionals working in search of more openness, transparency and democracy for public institutions, promoting collaborative dialogue, the sense of affordable and meaningful community.

Download apk file for android:


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