Day: March 17, 2016

Peek – The world around you – A new way to connect with the world.

Peek - The world around you

A new way to connect with the world.

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Peek is a free app that lets you express yourself, connect with people and discover more about the world around you.

Peek acts like a local bulletin board for your school, college, office or wherever you are at by showing the most recent posts from other users around you.

Join the conversation: express yourself in your own words, photos, and 15 seconds looping videos to your followers and to people nearby – and maybe make a few fans along the way.

Get inspired. Be social (meet new people). Be anonymous (when you like). All in real time, as big (and little) things happen from anywhere you happen to be.

Share the stories you love easily to Facebook and twitter.

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友感觉 – The most likely to find a friend Personals object platform


The most likely to find a friend Personals object platform

友感觉 screenshot 0友感觉 screenshot 1友感觉 screenshot 2友感觉 screenshot 3友感觉 screenshot 4

Friends feel – the most likely to find a friend recommended Personals object platform, never sought after young new marriage social App.

Here, you only need to introduce your personal information, so share it with friends, you can speed dating, find the most likely love object! A variety of attractive singles who sell Meng Lolita, more gold Tyrant …… are waiting for you! Applications forwarded through a friend, acquaintance sharing diverse means of communication, presentation of data, so that friends clearly visible relationship chain, for you to create a unique fly friends love map.

“Software Concept”
An online and offline interoperable mobile social software, mainly in the service after 80 and 90 after the single user. Just easy step, you can bid farewell to single, sympathy make friends, find people sea that TA! Software mainly rely on their friends and acquaintances relational communication, personal information of the data presented, so that the relationship between the chain of friends visible, let TA closer spectrum, you know better!

“The main function”
1, show patterns: patterns show myself as quiet as at the child? If the rabbits? Warm male or female house? They are random! Make friends template (personal introduction, photo gallery, video show, etc.), share your wonderful life, so that more friends find you!
2, there is love to turn: anywhere will forward the information to share his introduction to micro-channel circle of friends, QQ space, it can easily arouse second degree of social acquaintances. Favorite TA does not appear to worry!
3, the footprint data: real-time data display of new developments, a clear understanding of the amount of reading and transfer amount, how many worth considering TA, TA which friend of a friend, crystal clear Oh!
4, Friends Private chat: TA encountered interested to open a private conversation to make the communication more intimate. On a warm love from here.
5, the mysterious gift: daily attendance, easily earn “credits feeling” super-simple gift exchange. More interested in you friend sent a surprise gift Oh.

Download Friends feel APP, set foot on the fly friendly feeling Personals find the object journey!

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AP Panchayatraj chamber – Panchayati Raj have been the backbone of the Indian villages.

AP Panchayatraj chamber

Panchayati Raj have been the backbone of the Indian villages.

AP Panchayatraj chamber screenshot 0AP Panchayatraj chamber screenshot 1AP Panchayatraj chamber screenshot 2AP Panchayatraj chamber screenshot 3AP Panchayatraj chamber screenshot 4AP Panchayatraj chamber screenshot 5AP Panchayatraj chamber screenshot 6

Panchayats have been the backbone of the Indian villages since the beginning of the recorded history. Gandhiji s dream of every village being a republic or Panchayats having powers has been translated into reality with the introduction of three-tier Panchayati Raj system to enlist people’s participation in rural reconstruction.24th April, 1993 was a landmark day in
the history of Panchayati Raj in India as on this day the Constitution (73rd Amendment) Act, 1992 came into force to provide constitutional status to the Panchayati Raj institutions.
In 2002, Y.V.B.Rajendra Prasad was elected as President of “CHAMBER OF A.P STATE PANCHAYATI RAJ”.

This App Features
1.Daily Andhra Pradesh Panchayat Raj

Chamber Updates And News Feed
2.About Panchayat Raj Chamber
3.Information About Panchayat Raj

4.Photos And Videos Of Panchayat Raj

5.Facebook And Twitter Updates
6.Finally Giving Feedback

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Intactyou – Change the way to create memories and keep them intact forever.


Change the way to create memories and keep them intact forever.

Intactyou screenshot 0Intactyou screenshot 1Intactyou screenshot 2Intactyou screenshot 3Intactyou screenshot 4Intactyou screenshot 5Intactyou screenshot 6Intactyou screenshot 7

A change is always beautiful, build your story with your friends group, your loved ones, special ones or even with your family members and share it to the world in an incredible way via storyline like never before. one can make posts and share their moments via posting it on joint / group account.

Intactyou gives the power to show their love and bridges the gap among them. It binds the relationships and enhances the love bond in all form of relationships. An app built on a unique concept to share emotions in a good way.

The very first social application working to create a sweet twist in all relationships, Intactyou strengthens the love bond, deepens the trust or can be involved in a wonderful relationship with honesty, loyalty and integrity.
The application simultaneously adds fun to the usual life, it makes your memories unforgettable and immortal. One will never miss or even forget about their buddies and their special ones.

Why you will ❤ us

• One of the most amazing apps, built on a unique concept which is not seen yet.
• Sharing through joint and group account makes Intactyou stands out in the Que.
• Amazing storyline feature, to share your stories and cherish your memories forever.
• It offers wide range of options, e.g. audio, video, recordings, text to post.
• Unique way to appreciate post and show your reaction via emoticons
• Entertaining and enticing.
• Advanced privacy options, allows you to keep the things under your control without any restriction.
• Unlimited free accounts, so that you keep your memories intact on Intactyou.

Now you will never look for a new person to share your moments online who will just be connected virtually. We promise you that with the help of Intactyou your real world friends/family/special persons will become even closer than ever.

Happy sharing with Intactyou 🙂

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Guna Calculator Pro Kannada – Ready reckoner handy app to evaluate compatibility among 27 star signs

Guna Calculator Pro Kannada

Ready reckoner handy app to evaluate compatibility among 27 star signs

Guna Calculator Pro Kannada screenshot 0Guna Calculator Pro Kannada screenshot 1Guna Calculator Pro Kannada screenshot 2

– Looking to find a match for your ward. Here is a handy app to calculate the compatibility count.
– Eliminates the need to consult an astrologer for basic sanity check.
– Would it not be cool to evaluate compatibility of matrimonial match on the phone / tablet , without having to worry about referring a panchanga
– Same can also be used to check if partners in a business / game gel well.
– If you are interested to use the localized application, install the version of application in your language of choice. This can be found by searching the application in Play store as – Guna Calculator Pro. Example, if you want to install the app in Kannada search as – Guna Calculator Pro Kannada.
– This app does not install any fonts. If you can read these kannada characters (that follow) properly “ಕನ್ನಡದಲ್ಲಿ ಗುಣ ಅಪ್ಲಿಕೇಶನ್ ಬಳಸಿ”
Your phone supports Kannada fonts and the app will work perfectly.

Detail information and download apk file for your android phone:

Electoral Search – voter can check whether his/her name has been included in the electoral roll.

Electoral Search

voter can check whether his/her name has been included in the electoral roll.

Electoral Search screenshot 0Electoral Search screenshot 1Electoral Search screenshot 2Electoral Search screenshot 3

A voter can check whether his/her name has been included in the electoral roll of the constituency and can also find out the polling station using this application. The application fetches the information over the mobile internet.

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Morning Greets – Send Morning Greets to everyone across the globe.

Morning Greets

Send Morning Greets to everyone across the globe.

Morning Greets screenshot 0Morning Greets screenshot 1Morning Greets screenshot 2Morning Greets screenshot 3Morning Greets screenshot 4Morning Greets screenshot 5Morning Greets screenshot 6Morning Greets screenshot 7

Morning Greets allow you to send and share morning greetings to everybody around the world.

We have design a special refreshing images of morning coffee and tea greeting cards. Do download our free app, it is easily share on your android smart phone. By sharing morning greeting to our friends and relatives it will make them happy and it might brighten their day or simply to drop a note to say have a nice morning and have a great day.

Morning Greets is an awesome collection of refreshing morning images. We have also included a short morning story and some games for you to enjoy this morning greeting cards.

Morning Greets app has lots of greeting images that you can choose and easily send to your relatives and friends around the globe. Let’s begins our day by sending good morning wishes to our friends and your loves one where ever they be. It is time to rise and shine. Wake up and make the day very unique by sending nice morning greeting to them.

Morning Greets will give you random quotes greetings cards with great design images and textual quotes and you can get inspired from it to make your day spectacular.

Share this morning greeting via WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter, Email, Telegram and other devices.

Have a great morning and good day everyone and hope you enjoy selecting our Morning Greets.

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