Day: March 13, 2016

pinBlock – Hide Promoted Pins – Automatically hide Promoted and Picked-for-You pins on your Pinterest home feed

pinBlock -  Hide Promoted Pins

Automatically hide Promoted and Picked-for-You pins on your Pinterest home feed

pinBlock -  Hide Promoted Pins screenshot 0pinBlock -  Hide Promoted Pins screenshot 1pinBlock -  Hide Promoted Pins screenshot 2pinBlock -  Hide Promoted Pins screenshot 3pinBlock -  Hide Promoted Pins screenshot 4

Tired of Pinterest Promoted Pins?

What about Picked-for-you Pins clogging your home feed?

Frustrated with hiding these pins, only to see them reappear the next day?

Our full-window Pinterest web browser will hide these unwanted pins. Our application will also dynamically rearrange your pin grid upon hiding these pins.


1. Download and Install pinBlock.
2. Open the application and log in to your Pinterest account.
3. Browse Pinterest on the full-window browser (Do not use the Pinterest mobile app!)
4. No more time consuming manual pin blocking!

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WhatsSafe – WhatsSafe brings privacy back to your phone.


WhatsSafe brings privacy back to your phone.

WhatsSafe screenshot 0WhatsSafe screenshot 1WhatsSafe screenshot 2WhatsSafe screenshot 3WhatsSafe screenshot 4WhatsSafe screenshot 5WhatsSafe screenshot 6WhatsSafe screenshot 7

WhatsSafe is the best locking app on the market. WhatsSafe will allow you to set a password for your WhatsApp by default. But there is much, much more. WhatsSafe will allow you to customize your privacy for all apps and phone functions, 100% of the time. WhatsApp is only the beginning!

Join the WhatsApp Safe generation! Features:
– Roam social media freely: private = private, in WhatsApp, Tinder, Facebook, Messenger, Kik, Happn etc.
– Shield your professional conversations and apps
– Shield your banking apps
– Shield your private data
– Freely borrow your phone to friends and children without any intrusion of your privacy

With WhatsSafe, you can:
– Lock any app you choose: including WhatsApp, SMS, Contacts, Gmail, Facebook, Gallery, Market, Settings and Calls.
– Lock Google Play Store
– Protect any app using a password or a pattern, not just WhatsApp
– Hide the WhatsApp Safe app by setting a phone number to activate the app

The best part: WhatsSafe for Whatsapp is now free to download from the app store!

WhatsSafe was built and maintained by the best programmers in the world and is revolutionizing social media privacy as we now it. Millions all over the world are now in control of their privacy, download and join them!

We care for your feedback. Please send your feedback to Our commitment to our products knows no boundaries.

Built by Trusttec. Change the world.

Detail information and download apk file:

Tender – Social Food – The easiest way to source the world’s most beautiful culinary delights.

Tender - Social Food

The easiest way to source the world’s most beautiful culinary delights.

Tender - Social Food screenshot 0Tender - Social Food screenshot 1Tender - Social Food screenshot 2Tender - Social Food screenshot 3Tender - Social Food screenshot 4Tender - Social Food screenshot 5Tender - Social Food screenshot 6Tender - Social Food screenshot 7

Tender is the easiest way to source the world’s most beautiful and delicious culinary delights. In this day in age, food is about more than just calories, it is art. That’s why Tender serves up the most beautiful dishes straight from kitchens around the world for your viewing and cooking pleasure.

We understand that most people know what they want to eat when they see it; with Tender’s easy swipe-to-save interface, finding your dinner has never been easier.

· Easily filter recipes presented to you by your favorite core ingredient. Want chicken? We got you. Dig those veggies? No problem. Vegan? We can handle it.
· Save recipes to your cookbook by swiping right, or banish recipes by swiping left.
· View recipe details by tapping a recipe picture.
· Never going to cook that dish? Easily clean your cookbook by clicking recipes and selecting delete.
· Quickly search your cookbook using filters or search by words or phrases.

Detail information and download apk file for android:

Jeevanam-DYFI Muzhappilangad – Jeevanam, an initiative by DYFI Muzhappilangad Meghala Committee.

Jeevanam-DYFI Muzhappilangad

Jeevanam, an initiative by DYFI Muzhappilangad Meghala Committee.

Jeevanam-DYFI Muzhappilangad screenshot 0Jeevanam-DYFI Muzhappilangad screenshot 1Jeevanam-DYFI Muzhappilangad screenshot 2Jeevanam-DYFI Muzhappilangad screenshot 3

Jeevanam, an initiative by DYFI Muzhappilangad Meghala Committee is an application to search for blood donors in the Muzhappilangad village, Kannur district. This mobile application will be a committed platform to uplift your fellow companions back to life from the face of death at critical conditions. Remember, Your small help can save someone’s life!’

Download apk file for your android phone:

Mini For Instagram – InstaSave – Mini For Instagram Your Faster Better Smaller Insta Downloader of 2016 !

Mini For Instagram - InstaSave

Mini For Instagram Your Faster Better Smaller Insta Downloader of 2016 !

Mini For Instagram - InstaSave screenshot 0Mini For Instagram - InstaSave screenshot 1Mini For Instagram - InstaSave screenshot 2Mini For Instagram - InstaSave screenshot 3Mini For Instagram - InstaSave screenshot 4Mini For Instagram - InstaSave screenshot 5Mini For Instagram - InstaSave screenshot 6Mini For Instagram - InstaSave screenshot 7Mini For Instagram - InstaSave screenshot 8Mini For Instagram - InstaSave screenshot 9Mini For Instagram - InstaSave screenshot 10Mini For Instagram - InstaSave screenshot 11Mini For Instagram - InstaSave screenshot 12Mini For Instagram - InstaSave screenshot 13Mini For Instagram - InstaSave screenshot 14Mini For Instagram - InstaSave screenshot 15Mini For Instagram - InstaSave screenshot 16Mini For Instagram - InstaSave screenshot 17Mini For Instagram - InstaSave screenshot 18

Mini For Instagram Photo & Video Downloader For Insta
Hello and Welcome to Mini For Instagram your FREE app that allows you to save / download Instagram Photos or Videos on your device that makes possible watching their anytime anywhere !
We know you have try a lot of things that you wanna have some public photos on your device and share with your friends you have try it many Instagram Downloader, Insta Downloader, Photo Saver, Easy Downloader, Insave etc. but we present you with really passion and willpower your Free app Mini For Instagram – InstaSave Thank you .

So i explain you here the magic of Mini For Instagram – Instasave how does it work the performance the guide of using and the beauty of that in very short steps Performance of the app :

  • Size – Smaller than 1.50 MB
  • Speed – Very Fast
  • Usability – Easy to use
  • Stable – Like a Rock
  • Features – a Lot of Features
  • Magic – Mini For Instagram

Guide How To use The app :

Please Follow The Tutorial on the app inside when you open its very easy to use this app we recommend the best experience of the app to help our users to get the most of it , if you wanna watch how to use more in detail inside is a another tutorial that make you easy to watch a video about it so its very easy !


  • Material Design
  • Save any Photo from your Feed
  • Save any Video from your Feed
  • Search Users By Name
  • View Your Current Followers
  • Watch their posts
  • Works good and fast on 3G,4G,wifi, and data too !
  • Organizing in folders your downloads
  • Repost Photos very easy on Instagram !
  • Share Photos or Videos etc.

Please do not use this app to save photos without the permission of the respective owners, Respect the rights of the Instagram users thank you !


  • This app is not affiliated with Instagram.
  • Any unauthorized action or repost of photo/video and/or violations of intellectual property rights is the sole responsibility of the user.
  • Please if you face with a issue to this app please contact us with a email and we try to fix in the fasted way that we could before dropping a bad rating 😀 thank you !

So all in all you get very nice app from us hope you enjoy our app and have fun with the app !

Your Team: Gold Finger

Download apk file:

Track Devices – Locate/Track Mobile Devices

Track Devices

Locate/Track Mobile Devices

Track Devices screenshot 0Track Devices screenshot 1Track Devices screenshot 2Track Devices screenshot 3Track Devices screenshot 4Track Devices screenshot 5Track Devices screenshot 6Track Devices screenshot 7

Track Devices

– Parents can track their child
– Boss can track their Employee 😛
– Boyfriends can track his Girlfriend 😀
– Husband can track his Wife :O

Take all above as positive way for take care of relative, friends and family. So just be positive and enjoy life.

Download apk file for android:

Crazy Wahrheit oder Pflicht – Match the questions and tasks to Party game "Truth or Dare".

Crazy Wahrheit oder Pflicht

Match the questions and tasks to Party game "Truth or Dare".

Crazy Wahrheit oder Pflicht screenshot 0Crazy Wahrheit oder Pflicht screenshot 1Crazy Wahrheit oder Pflicht screenshot 2Crazy Wahrheit oder Pflicht screenshot 3Crazy Wahrheit oder Pflicht screenshot 4Crazy Wahrheit oder Pflicht screenshot 5Crazy Wahrheit oder Pflicht screenshot 6Crazy Wahrheit oder Pflicht screenshot 7Crazy Wahrheit oder Pflicht screenshot 8Crazy Wahrheit oder Pflicht screenshot 9Crazy Wahrheit oder Pflicht screenshot 10Crazy Wahrheit oder Pflicht screenshot 11Crazy Wahrheit oder Pflicht screenshot 12Crazy Wahrheit oder Pflicht screenshot 13Crazy Wahrheit oder Pflicht screenshot 14Crazy Wahrheit oder Pflicht screenshot 15Crazy Wahrheit oder Pflicht screenshot 16Crazy Wahrheit oder Pflicht screenshot 17Crazy Wahrheit oder Pflicht screenshot 18

Match the questions and tasks to Party game “Truth or Dare”. “Truth or Dare” is a great way to spend time with your friends and girlfriends a nice evening. We have compiled the most interesting questions in order to bring the naked truth than light. The tasks are chosen at random.

If you also have suggestions for good “Truth or Dare” tasks, then we please leave a comment below.

Playing Truth or Dare on the Internet is easy.

Here are the rules:

1. Sets the beginning itself, who should participate in the game
2. Who starts can draw lots to her, or to find out about the Stone Paper Scissors principle,
3. pinching does not matter what task is given to you, you have to commit (mandatory). Equally each question must be answered truthfully (truth)

See detail information and download apk file: