Day: March 6, 2016

QriousMoms 1 – QriousMoms – because only a mom knows best

QriousMoms 1

QriousMoms – because only a mom knows best

QriousMoms 1 screenshot 0QriousMoms 1 screenshot 1QriousMoms 1 screenshot 2QriousMoms 1 screenshot 3

Have a curious parenting question in mind, No more having to browse through hundreds of answers or forums to find exactly what you’ve been looking for ! Go to QriousMoms and get the answers from real moms. Straight forward answers and nothing else – just in time what you need when in need !

Get into a comfort zone quick and Save the time for your kids.

– Exclusive to US App Store.
– Easy to Ask questions.
– Super easy to respond to a question.
– Simple surveys with results as graphs

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Face Emoticons Stickers – It is Free! Never out of date stickers.

Face Emoticons Stickers

It is Free! Never out of date stickers.

Face Emoticons Stickers screenshot 0Face Emoticons Stickers screenshot 1Face Emoticons Stickers screenshot 2Face Emoticons Stickers screenshot 3Face Emoticons Stickers screenshot 4Face Emoticons Stickers screenshot 5Face Emoticons Stickers screenshot 6Face Emoticons Stickers screenshot 7Face Emoticons Stickers screenshot 8Face Emoticons Stickers screenshot 9

Are you getting tired of the complicated emoticons? Finally, you will find the most frequently used stickers are the simplest ones, e.g. the round face emoticons. Through this app, you can download various of face emoticons to express your feeling when chating with your friends like Excited, Sad, Smile, Shy, Angry and Surprise etc.

* It is Free!
* Never out of date stickers.
* The stickers cover all the feeling to express
* Quite easy to use

★ Categories:
Happy: Laugh, Smile, Joyful ,Grin, Chuckle, Clap
Love: Kiss
Sad: Cry, Sob
Angry: Scowl
Tired: Sleepy

Click the emoticon you want to send, and then select the chat application, choose the chatting friend you would like to share, then the smiley will be sent out and shared to your friend. Simple as it is !

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Kalam Quotes – APJ Abdul Kalam Quote App

Kalam Quotes

APJ Abdul Kalam Quote App

Kalam Quotes screenshot 0Kalam Quotes screenshot 1Kalam Quotes screenshot 2Kalam Quotes screenshot 3Kalam Quotes screenshot 4

This app has been made to give a tribute to one of India’s most
inspirational person.This app provides some of his quotes with which
he inspired millions of youth in India. to improve the app please
send mail at

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Lunch Kaki Campus – Lunch Kaki – Finding the Perfect Lunch Opportunity couldn't be easier

Lunch Kaki Campus

Lunch Kaki – Finding the Perfect Lunch Opportunity couldn't be easier

Lunch Kaki Campus screenshot 0Lunch Kaki Campus screenshot 1Lunch Kaki Campus screenshot 2Lunch Kaki Campus screenshot 3Lunch Kaki Campus screenshot 4Lunch Kaki Campus screenshot 5Lunch Kaki Campus screenshot 6Lunch Kaki Campus screenshot 7

Lunch Kaki Campus is an extension of Lunch Kaki where only students of the same campus are able to sign up and use exclusively. We believe in the use of technology to facilitate new friendships and social connections in this era.

Coming from our personal experience when we were students, most of our friends were limited to the same course, same faculty. So now, we aspire to facilitate students in having friendships or networking beyond their own faculties, thereby being able to share knowledge or insights.

Use this app to arrange breakfast/ lunch/ tea/ dinner meetups, find study or activity kakis, or recruit / organise activities for your clubs or simply to know a new campus mate. Like we always say, the possibilities are endless!

*It is available now to selected Universities only. Please contact to activate your Uni*.

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bluespots: Nearby Friends – Discover. Friends. Around You.Notifies when your friends are around.Set Alerts

bluespots: Nearby Friends

Discover. Friends. Around You.Notifies when your friends are around.Set Alerts

bluespots: Nearby Friends screenshot 0bluespots: Nearby Friends screenshot 1bluespots: Nearby Friends screenshot 2bluespots: Nearby Friends screenshot 3

Discover. Friends. Around You.

bluespots allows you to discover your friends around you. If your friends, are using bluespots application you will be able to discover them and so will they discover you.

Discover new friends at local bar or a club. You can meet new people who are around you and make new friends.

It provides real time location updates, distance and direction, for your discovered friends. Its simple map based UI make it easier to locate who is around you.

More you can do with bluespots:

1. With quick-connect, you can connect with discovered friends over Call, SMS or WhatsApp.
2. Found someone interesting, send a Poke to break the ice.
3. Send directions to friends. With turn-by-turn directions now reaching you will be easy for your friends.
4. With Alerts feature, you can set alerts for a person arriving at a place. You will get notified when person arrives at a place even if you are not using bluespots.
5. Worried about privacy? You are in full control of your privacy so that you can choose to make yourself visible to only to your friends.

bluespots can discover and notify you even it is in background. You can turn on background discovery from settings. Jiolife Ji bharkey!!!

How it Works:
Watch a video on YouTube to see how it works

Download apk file for your android phone:

Official Duterte Campaign App – Official campaign app for volunteers and supporters of Rodrigo Duterte

Official Duterte Campaign App

Official campaign app for volunteers and supporters of Rodrigo Duterte

Official Duterte Campaign App screenshot 0Official Duterte Campaign App screenshot 1Official Duterte Campaign App screenshot 2Official Duterte Campaign App screenshot 3Official Duterte Campaign App screenshot 4Official Duterte Campaign App screenshot 5Official Duterte Campaign App screenshot 6

This is the official MRRD-NECC* Rodrigo Duterte’s app. It contains features such as donations, platforms, news, messaging, social engagement.

Any donors will receive a digital certificate as a confirmation for his/her taking part of the campaign. The recipient will be the official SEC-registered bank account.

The iOS version is now available here

For those who’re using apple and windows phones, you may use the web version in your phone browser for now –

*Mayor Rodrigo Roa Duterte – National Executive Coordinating Committee, a group in charge of digital campaign

Detail information and download apk file for android:

Nerdesin Aşkım? – Where are you my Love? I am here my love.

Nerdesin Aşkım?

Where are you my Love? I am here my love.

Nerdesin Aşkım? screenshot 0Nerdesin Aşkım? screenshot 1Nerdesin Aşkım? screenshot 2Nerdesin Aşkım? screenshot 3

Did you ever wonder where your boyfriend? Would you like to let your mate know where you are? Now you can share with your beloved one to one location with a single keystroke. Both mistress mistress. both learned and will not need to type long messages are exactly the location of your lover will be able through this application. About 1 year ago launched project hosts “Where are you my love?” then working towards direct function unlike his emerging and offers a simple and only serving the purpose to use with simple interface.

“Ad-free and is TOTALLY FREE”

 You can share your location After you select the number you want to specify a location in your contacts application. location services on your device to run this application must be open. The application sends your location by SMS. SMS charges are subject to individual.

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