Projeto Vigilante – Application of police abuse allegations

Projeto Vigilante

Application of police abuse allegations

Projeto Vigilante screenshot 0Projeto Vigilante screenshot 1Projeto Vigilante screenshot 2Projeto Vigilante screenshot 3

The Vigilante Project is a tool that will promote citizen empowerment in relation to daily police committed abuses. Given the fragility of the reporting system against state agents of public security (military police, civil and municipal), the alternative pathway smartphone makes this procedure safe, practical and effective. It serves, too, and working together with the police so that police can report problems of lack of materials in regular exercise of their activity, among other possibilities of protection and acting jointly with state officials.

It is safe because we will not have access to the whistleblower’s information (if he does not want to). Practical as it is much easier and more intuitive to report by phone than by phone, online, in person or by letter. Effective because, with the possibility of attaching pieces of information (which will be used as evidence in disciplinary administrative proceedings – and eventually, in the criminal appellate proceedings) will have higher-sense of what actually occurred.

The Vigilante Project is pure public policy of protecting the citizens, empowerment of relations between state entity and population and will help guide affirmative action to improve the situation of police violence in Brazil.

Download apk file for android:


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