Amigo – Social Network (Beta) – 'An enhanced social network'

Amigo - Social Network (Beta)

‘An enhanced social network’

Amigo - Social Network (Beta) screenshot 0Amigo - Social Network (Beta) screenshot 1Amigo - Social Network (Beta) screenshot 2Amigo - Social Network (Beta) screenshot 3Amigo - Social Network (Beta) screenshot 4Amigo - Social Network (Beta) screenshot 5Amigo - Social Network (Beta) screenshot 6Amigo - Social Network (Beta) screenshot 7

Amigo is a newly conceptualized social network. You can like, comment and also share ‘pins’ of your amigos (Friends).
Amigo is designed in such a way that it is visually appealing.
1. Introducing – “The board” and “The Pins”
“The board” is a new feature implemented in Amigo which holds all of your friends’ activities. While some may call them ‘posts’, we like to call them ‘pins’. You can add a ‘pin’ to your friends’ boards by just choosing the most suitable cover and the related thought.
Seems pretty normal? Nope.
For every pin you submit, we modify your Amigo Social Quotient*. Your Amigo Social Quotient defines how socially active and famous you are. Being socially famous will make you eligible for the ‘Notoriety’ wall pinup which is displayed in the app and can be seen by anyone.

2. Introducing – “Casual Chat”
We know that you get a little bored while surfing the network, that’s why we designed it specifically for you. Casual chatting is just like random stranger to stranger chat. You can just tap one button and Amigo will search a totally random stranger for you to chat with. Yes, your Social Notoriety* also plays a major role in the selection of random strangers.

3.Introducing – “Social Notoriety”
Social Notoriety is the WOW factor why to use Amigo. Your social notoriety is determined by your Amigos. Yes, your amigos can vote for which personality suits you the most. They can choose from a given list of personalities/traits that suit you the most like charming, charismatic, nerdy etc. While this can make you super popular, social notoriety can backfire too, therefor it’s important who you make friends with.

4. Introducing – “Social Quotient”
A sub feature of Social Notoriety, Social Quotient is designed and implemented to maintain the psych balance. Your Social Quotient is determined by Amigo itself. For every pin that you create, Amigo will monitor the comments, the likes and the shares that it fetches. Depending on that Amigo will modify your social quotient.

So, ready to know how much socially notorious you are and become famous? Download Amigo now 🙂

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