Caridade Nuclear – Check out our partners, discounts and more!

Caridade Nuclear

Check out our partners, discounts and more!

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Want to improve your city and still be rewarded with discounts and benefits in shops, restaurants, gyms and many other establishments? Through the Nuclear Charity is possible only want!

Through monthly contributions plan and execute projects to benefit everyone, whether creating, for example, a tool to monitor parliamentary and / or public agencies to provide good services; carrying out innovative projects that will benefit people in their day to day in the city or even creating some awareness campaigns.

As a means of rewarding donors, our partners provide SPECIAL DISCOUNTS in their establishments, and may you, save a lot more than donated, you know?

Download our free app! In it you can see who are our partners, the discount percentage offered, how to reach them, receive news about projects and more!

If you like the idea, just visit our contribution platform for the application itself. Your donation will be made completely safe!

· The Nuclear Charity is a completely independent and nonpartisan organization;

· Our logo features augmented reality technology. Scan it through our application and surprise yourself!

Together we are stronger
Together we are the difference
Together we NUCLEAR!

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