HotApp – Your Community App – An integrated community & e-commerce platform for people, communities and brands

HotApp - Your Community App

An integrated community & e-commerce platform for people, communities and brands

HotApp - Your Community App screenshot 0HotApp - Your Community App screenshot 1HotApp - Your Community App screenshot 2HotApp - Your Community App screenshot 3HotApp - Your Community App screenshot 4HotApp - Your Community App screenshot 5HotApp - Your Community App screenshot 6HotApp - Your Community App screenshot 7HotApp - Your Community App screenshot 8HotApp - Your Community App screenshot 9HotApp - Your Community App screenshot 10HotApp - Your Community App screenshot 11

HotApp (Beta) is your community building app! An integrated community and e-commerce platform for users, communities and enterprises around the world. HotApp’s open platform connects users to a diverse selection of communities, both local and global, creating an international social network with unlimited opportunities for community engagement and building. HotApp offers a highly personalized experience based on each user’s unique activities, interests and needs to only provide the most direct and relevant content.

HotApp’s modular platform empowers and enables communication, communities and e-commerce. HotApp seeks to enrich users’ lives by uniting global communities through their shared experiences, while enabling them with our powerful communication tools, connecting millions of users worldwide.

HotApp core feature overview:

1 HotCalls: Make App to App Call to your friends and Community members easily!

2 HotChats:Send multimedia messages, voice memos, and our very own uniquely designed stickers!

3 HotNearby:Geo-location feature, discover people and interests nearby. Make searches relevant!

4 HotRooms: Public Group Chats, connect to the communities of similar interests that you want!

With our core features HotApp will be used to build up communities, and with more developments coming soon further develop our platform for communication, communities and e-commerce.

Detail information and download apk file for android:


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