Most:Mood – Easy funny posting


Easy funny posting

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Most:Mood is the new integrated way to share your feelings at once using your personal style in a beatiful post on social networks.
It integrate #Twitter #Facebook #Instagram #Whatsapp #Messenger and #Viber and let you post easily on them and including your last selfie or picture 😀

Add to your post beautiful emoticons include in the app and that better represent you and tell the world how you feel !!

What you can do:

#Select one of the beautiful emoticons provided by Most:Mood and post your status worldwide 😀
#Search for you favorite #hashtag on Twitter directly from the App
#See the world’s mood and your friends’ news feed through the twitter hashtag in real time.
#Search for your favourite #keywork or #hashtag

We provided you with a set of beautiful emoticons which embodies your emotions and feelings!
Try one of them and discover the hashtag behind it!

Your world is just one tab ahead: start sharing your style on all social networks with just two buttons!

Most:Mood is 100% totally safe and free!
Git it a #try.. you’ll love it 😀
#joinus #yourstyle

The Groupao Team

Detail information and download apk file for your android phone:


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