GeoGuardian Smartcities – Geoguardian Smartcities | Security Platform Cities

GeoGuardian Smartcities

Geoguardian Smartcities | Security Platform Cities

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It is a platform that allows reassure citizens through mobile technology at low cost. The use of this technology as a means of prevention and control of crime, has shown great success and bring added value to the security of the city.

Feel safe with Geoguardian Smartcitites – GGS.
Download the app to your smartphone, register in their municipality and feel safe.

Geoguardian Smartcities | Your Protected City.

How does it work?

1. Citizens broadcast emergency alerts: SOS – POLICE – MEDICAL
2. Monitoring Center located in the Police – Central Transit – Receive alerts Municipality …
3. Operators of the Central operated the protocol depending on the type of emergency notification: SOS – POLICE – DOCTOR.
4.Denuncias: it is now possible to send complaints from the app to the Central Monitoring privately.

Benefits for citizens:

• Prevention of crime.
• Report incidents.
• Alert on individuals.
• Alert suspicious situations.
• Prevent assaults.
• global panic button.
• Information Medium.
• Free installation.
• Central Complaints.

The Central Monitoring has these features:

• Intuitive and simple design.
• Mode Map or Satellite.
• Real-time alerts.
• Access to user data.
• Immediate location of users.
• Warnings by type of alert. Beeper.
• History Registry Operator alerts.
• ticket system for warning / history.
• Cloud Platform.
• Multi. No limits terminals.
• Customizing brands / branding.
• Tools access to priority tasks.
• Contextual help for solving events / alerts.
• Interactive Mapping events to operators.
• Immediate implementation.

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