HoloGalden – Glue board discussion area App


Glue board discussion area App

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HKGalden, aka glue board discussion area, referred to as the “glue board” has been called the new Gordon from Gordon is a discussion area (hereinafter referred to as “Gordon” or “old Gordon”) split out, and completely independent of the The latter discussion area.

The new plastic board forums, forum name modeled forum named Gordon, but not the same kind of forum, named Chit station, Showbiz, current affairs station, Finance, game table, APP units, hardware units, software units, mobile units, Sports, feelings station, so to speak Taiwanese, Taiwanese diet, tomatoes, tour desk, the animation desk, toy sets, music station, television station, photography Taiwan, academic units, car units, depot station, activities Taiwan and creative units.

———— From Network Dictionary

The App features:
1. preset station
2. have read, has already replied, have been color-coded flying Buddha
3. Record Last web pages
4. offline reading
5.block / unblock user
6. Look for a user reply, it is easy to recover (by Member Profile Switching)
7. Since the end
8. View the poll results / Vote
9. Search (title, Username)
10. Can the app directly from the File Explorer / Gallery app share figure
11. image upload (provided by i.na.cx)
12. Picture Download (optional save path)
13.Gal Sound track list
14. Built soundcloud player, playing in the background, you can listen to while simultaneously browse other post (may be set to cancel, use browser play, android 2.3.x can not use the built-in soundcloud player)
15. Gordon glue bandstand playlist
16. Built youtube player (beta, you need youtube app Ver 4.2.16 or higher, if no player will use browser)

More features are still in development, welcomes comments
Icon + expression image by BB_Warrior, this is common sense, right, μtorrent, etc. make a public bar fight. Large number of people, not exhaustive, please forgive me

See detail information and download apk file: googleplaystoreapks.com/category/social


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