Startag – Stand out & Beautify your posts online.Express How You Feel!


Stand out & Beautify your posts online.Express How You Feel!

Startag screenshot 0Startag screenshot 1Startag screenshot 2Startag screenshot 3Startag screenshot 4Startag screenshot 5Startag screenshot 6Startag screenshot 7Startag screenshot 8Startag screenshot 9Startag screenshot 10Startag screenshot 11Startag screenshot 12Startag screenshot 13Startag screenshot 14Startag screenshot 15Startag screenshot 16Startag screenshot 17Startag screenshot 18

Startag is a unique social media application available as an app, responsive mobi and as web application. The platform uses a branding engine to allow users create beautiful personalised posts in matter of seconds
Unlike the use of hashtags the platform helps users create personalised posts that are unique and branded using startags.Africa’s ‘Silicon Valley’ is once again set to launch the latest Social Media App meant to connect Africans through what is seen to be the revolution in how we use social media.

Rumor has it that soon enough, Africans across the globe will have place to call home and Social Media space will soon be redefined.

Startag beautifies and gives you professional identity to your Social Media experience.

For those who find it hard to be noticed online Startag is the app for you.

Express yourself by quick professional done posts and tweets. Companies and individuals can create their own unique *Startag. Get set, to Express How you feel!

Startag works with Twitter Instagram and Facebook.

Your profile photo is not just a picture. With Startag your profile picture is now a creative canvas you can write on in seconds. Packed with text layouts and cool fonts, you can now drive your point home!

The perennial challenge of same-looking unattractive posts on social media is over.

Some of the themes include *default
*boldyellow *awesometweet *breaking *fun *boldpink *live *elated *newsy *reporting *tech
*adyellow *happenning *default *notice *master *elated *executive *widgetstats *colored

Download apk file for your android phone:


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