EU Parliament – What is happening in the Parliament through our information pages

EU Parliament

What is happening in the Parliament through our information pages

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Welcome to the European Parliament
Powers and Procedures

The Parliament acts as a co-legislator with the Council sharing the power that adopt and amend Legislative proposals and to decide on the EU budget. It also supervises the work of the Commission and other EU bodies and cooperates with National Parliaments of the EU countries to get Their input. See how it all works here.
Organization and rules

Learn more about how an international, multi-lingual, political institution like the European Parliament functions on a daily basis. Find out about the procedures, the places of work, the people That Provide support to the MEPs and the EP budget.
Human rights and democracy

The Parliament sees its role not only in Promoting democratic decision-making in Europe but also in supporting the fight for democracy, freedom of speech and fair elections across the globe. Learn more about how Parliament stands for human rights in the world.
EP in the past

Parliament has been steadily gaining powers through successive Amendments of the European Treaties Which have given more and more clout this Directly EU’s only elected body. See how the Parliament Gradually emerged as a key player in the EU decision-making process.

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