Lovestream- Send more Love – When words fell apart.. send a kiss!

Lovestream- Send more Love

When words fell apart.. send a kiss!

Lovestream- Send more Love screenshot 0Lovestream- Send more Love screenshot 1Lovestream- Send more Love screenshot 2Lovestream- Send more Love screenshot 3Lovestream- Send more Love screenshot 4Lovestream- Send more Love screenshot 5Lovestream- Send more Love screenshot 6Lovestream- Send more Love screenshot 7Lovestream- Send more Love screenshot 8Lovestream- Send more Love screenshot 9Lovestream- Send more Love screenshot 10Lovestream- Send more Love screenshot 11

Its international Kiss Day!!

Introducing the whole new way of communication, Lovestream. Send kisses packed with your messages.

Lovestream is a fun, private and personally secure app for couples or loved ones.

If you are dating, seeing someone, in love, live-in, married, crazy about someone or simply just want to communicate to your best friend in a special way; then Lovestream can let you express that in a very special way.
Even when you are as close as holding each others or continents away, love stream helps you and your loved stay close and share the love for each other. It’s a personal, and a secure place to share your love.

Sending a smiley doesn’t sometimes allow you to express yourself. So send more, rather than a note and kissing smileys. Pack your love with messages. Its easy, simple and fun to use.

Lovestream is fast and exclusively special way of communication channel for two people.

It just doesn’t keep any history in your phone and thus its personally secure 😉

Detail information and download apk file for your android phone:


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