Text Response – Text Response, It's like having an sms answering machine…

Text Response

Text Response, It’s like having an sms answering machine…

Text Response screenshot 0Text Response screenshot 1Text Response screenshot 2Text Response screenshot 3

Practice safe driving by hearing incoming text messages and auto-responding to them.

Busy or in a meeting? Set your auto respond message to whatever you want to say to
your recipients.


For Best Results, Set Your Phone’s Display Time To The Amount Of Time Needed. Android Will Sometimes “Kill” An App That’s Running In The Background When More Virtual Memory Is Needed.

Go To: Settings -> Display -> Screen Timeout, Then Set Timeout To Desired Time, e.g. 10 mins, 30 mins etc.

ADVANCED Instructions:

1. Go To Settings
2. Developer Options
3. Set Screen To “Stay Awake While Charging” (Screen Will Stay Awake As Long As The Charger Is Plugged In To Cellphone And Power Source)


-Turn auto respond on/off
-Turn text-to-speech on/off
-Edit outgoing message

Social Feature:
Connects to The “it” Social Network.

See detail information and download apk file for your android phone: googleplaystoreapks.com/category/social


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