Flirt – Interesting people, flirting, fun, friendship, romance … All in one app!


Interesting people, flirting, fun, friendship, romance … All in one app!

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What are you looking for?
Chat? Fun? Meet new people? Meetings? Dating? It does not matter! The Flirt help you find interesting people who are near you. Just set some preferences such as sexual orientation, maximum distance for search and age. Then, a number of features will be available, thus facilitating their approach to people.
Now just look at pictures, choose who you like best and flirting can begin!

The membership is made through Facebook, to avoid anonymity and ensure that all users of the application are real people. And so held, longer appear on the main screen of the application, all the people who are around you.
You can view photo, name, age, interests and average number of friends. On the same screen you can like or dismiss anyone you want!
Every time you enjoy a person and she does the same to you, the combination brings up a private chat window where the couple can start a conversation. People you rejected or who rejected you will not have a chance to make new contact. Flirt on there is only matched romance!

Despite the fun dynamics Flirt, none of its members will be bombarded with intrusive and insistent messages, because the decision to like or rule is in your hands. Once discarded, the user will no longer have access to your profile and can not send further attempts to approach.

The Flirt does not publish anything on your Facebook profile and rarely has friends as possible suitors.

Download apk file:


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