Privately App – Privately keeps your Facebook and Twitter posts private, secure and removable.

Privately App

Privately keeps your Facebook and Twitter posts private, secure and removable.

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Ever hesitated sharing a photo on Facebook? Ever had that ‘oops‘ moment after sending that Tweet?

With Privately App, you can share on Facebook and Twitter with confidence – because now you are in control: You decide who can see your posts, and for how long.

Your ‘Right to be Forgotten’: In case you have that ‘oops’ moment, you can recall a post out of circulation and shred it for ever.

Facebook or Twitter don’t own your pictures anymore. Your posts are encrypted and stored (soon in Switzerland), so that social networks have no access to them.

Privately App is as simple to use as 1-2-3:
1. Take a photo, or choose one from your library
2. Protect it by using a safety filter
3. Share it for a limited time with Facebook friends, or as a Tweet.
View all the posts you sent and received in Privately App.

In Facebook and Twitter, your post appear as an envelope, with a link to the original image in our secure viewer.


– Send private posts to your Facebook friends, or limited-time Tweets.
– View all your private posts (sent and received) on a single Feed Window.
– Set the duration after which your photo will disappear.
– Choose from several effects how your photos will be visible in Facebook/Twitter.
– Recall/Shred any post from circulation: Exert your ‘Right to be Forgotten’.

See detail information and download apk file for your android phone:


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