Day: May 26, 2015

hoobee – hoobee – a better way to meet new and interesting people nearby.


hoobee – a better way to meet new and interesting people nearby.

hoobee screenshot 0hoobee screenshot 1hoobee screenshot 2

hoobee is ideal for making new friends or just chatting with new and interesting people nearby.

Its primary goal is to make it much easier to meet new people. hoobee uses the gps feature of your phone to find people that are nearby.

hoobee has a text and like feature so it makes breaking the ice or just reaching out to someone you would like to get to know just a little bit easier.

An individual’s profile does not contain personal contact info. When someone becomes a hoobee user they are only required to enter their gender, their age and their name. Additionally, they also need to upload one photo of themselves.

An important distinction of hoobee from other social apps is that hoobee does not request email addresses, phone numbers, Facebook access, etc.

Download the app and start making new friends or meet that special someone today!

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FutureNet – Meaning of words in English is net of the future which means Futurenet


Meaning of words in English is net of the future which means Futurenet

FutureNet screenshot 0FutureNet screenshot 1FutureNet screenshot 2FutureNet screenshot 3FutureNet screenshot 4FutureNet screenshot 5FutureNet screenshot 6FutureNet screenshot 7FutureNet screenshot 8FutureNet screenshot 9FutureNet screenshot 10FutureNet screenshot 11FutureNet screenshot 12FutureNet screenshot 13FutureNet screenshot 14FutureNet screenshot 15FutureNet screenshot 16FutureNet screenshot 17FutureNet screenshot 18FutureNet screenshot 19FutureNet screenshot 20

What Futurenet

Giant Social Networks like Facebook get a new opening for the site today and you consider it to be one of the first members,
Just imagine that a simple sample of newly opened Facebook Social Network Platform, and you become one of the first members
then you’ve joined, for example, 500 million members after you. Many of you create your downline and
Imagine that you had these members give money to 500 million people. Limits force your mind!
How? Until now, the examples Futurenet tell what you think about great right?

What is the Meaning of English Words Futurenet means that the Future.
It is one of the world’s largest site with Facabook Twiter Google and similar sites such as social networking platformudur.v to win money from the Internet method namely the Social Media Network.
Aims and Methods What futurenet use?
* All social networking made in the agar; Sharing Post Comments can be done is to add videos to social networking sites.
* The system of saving money on a daily basis and all the movements that made the above date.
* Premium members served by being with their credit score and the credit score to get offers the option to advertise all occupational groups. (Like Google-Facebook ads AdWorld)
* Premium members served by being; 10 to $ 25 $ 50 $ 100 to $ wood options such as establishing the networkmarketing heavy Futurenet is a site that provides the monetization of social networking sites. (Note: all wood self-independent work and have different gains.)
Futurenet Monetization example of Social Media Network:

Here one can not interfere in the issues where written records
Starting from the left of each arm system automatically moves to fill and fill individual steps.
Example: You only have received one tree and logged in as an active strutting your friends diyelim.siz the top people in your çalışıyor.üstü already created records in advance to fill fill your arms from left to right

Through our membership application Turkey Futurenet promotion and you will find all the necessary information and introductions that you wonder about futurenet. Promotion can watch our videos, you can examine all the details we needed about futurenet and applications can register through futurenet or to the simple example sunuyoruz.futurenet Social Network to log in to your existing account yapabilirsinizfuturenet He can think !!

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TopFriend – communication easy – TopFriend- the communication became quick and easy.

TopFriend - communication easy

TopFriend- the communication became quick and easy.

TopFriend - communication easy screenshot 0TopFriend - communication easy screenshot 1TopFriend - communication easy screenshot 2TopFriend - communication easy screenshot 3TopFriend - communication easy screenshot 4

TopFriend – the communication became quick and easy. The social network of the future. Your connection with your friends now is much easier! There is a map where you can see all those who are around you in real time. Additional options are also very import, because you can exchange messages, share photos or join the friends. If you need, you can advertise free classifieds. Something important happens in your life? Invite your friends to interesting events. We have developed a communication tool which has no analogues in the world!

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Wow Digital – WOW E-COIN – The "New Era of Virtual Currency Institute"

Wow Digital

WOW E-COIN – The "New Era of Virtual Currency Institute"

Wow Digital screenshot 0Wow Digital screenshot 1Wow Digital screenshot 2Wow Digital screenshot 3Wow Digital screenshot 4

In the new Internet generation running in speed of light, meticulously created by industry professionals – the “New Era of Virtual Currency Institute”
Acting as agent for a number of programs of world famous universities, in the lesson we walk with you into the world of Internet virtual trading. Combining development trend of the Internet with the two-way services both online and offline, leading in the global economy and potential projects, searching for business with high economic values to partner with, we wish to bring you a brand new “virtual” and “physical” experience.

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Mallorca Sense Fam (NGO) – App for monetary donations and information

Mallorca Sense Fam (NGO)

App for monetary donations and information

Mallorca Sense Fam (NGO) screenshot 0Mallorca Sense Fam (NGO) screenshot 1

App for monetary donations and information

MALLORCA SENSE FAM (Mallorca without hunger)

CIF G57632234
Calle Vinyet, 9 Bajos
07014 – Palma

Telf. 617 40 57 40 · 617 47 47 06


Declared of public utility on 11/07/2013 (Record Id: BOE-A-2013-8029)
Entered in the register of the CAIB No. 7135

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حلويات سهلة -Easy Sweets- – The fastest and easiest recipes and traditional Moroccan Arabic sweets

حلويات سهلة -Easy Sweets-

The fastest and easiest recipes and traditional Moroccan Arabic sweets

حلويات سهلة -Easy Sweets- screenshot 0حلويات سهلة -Easy Sweets- screenshot 1حلويات سهلة -Easy Sweets- screenshot 2حلويات سهلة -Easy Sweets- screenshot 3حلويات سهلة -Easy Sweets- screenshot 4حلويات سهلة -Easy Sweets- screenshot 5حلويات سهلة -Easy Sweets- screenshot 6حلويات سهلة -Easy Sweets- screenshot 7

Sweets is an easy application that has the finest and tastiest recipes Eastern and Western sweets that can be prepared at home with ease and in a short time.
Application features:
✓ You can search for a specific recipe and easily
✓ works without Internet
✓ easy to use for the whole family
✓ fast Sweets preparation
Now you can save a lot of time searching for recipes and desserts, will not longer need to buy books to prepare desserts, all Matanajh is this free app !!

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Pocket Khaki- Family Safety – India's first feature packed location and safety tracker. #SafeIndia #Safety

Pocket Khaki- Family Safety

India's first feature packed location and safety tracker. #SafeIndia #Safety

Pocket Khaki- Family Safety screenshot 0Pocket Khaki- Family Safety screenshot 1Pocket Khaki- Family Safety screenshot 2Pocket Khaki- Family Safety screenshot 3Pocket Khaki- Family Safety screenshot 4Pocket Khaki- Family Safety screenshot 5Pocket Khaki- Family Safety screenshot 6Pocket Khaki- Family Safety screenshot 7

The sad reality is that we live in an increasingly violent society in which the fear of crime is ever ­present. Personal safety has become an issue of importance for everyone especially women. Pocket Khaki helps you and your loved ones keep track of your location and safety while you travel.

★ It takes two tap to start a personal trip and share a trip with contacts.
★ Never loose your track even if you are not online.
★ Supports all types of commute ­ personal car, bike, cycle, walk or public shared (bus) non­shared transport (taxi/auto).
★ Keeps record of the driver by details like name, photo, phone number that can be added (new addition) or selected (if present in the system already).
➥ Real time location sharing on map with details like distance travelled, path on map, halt duration and time.
➥ Shake/ Single tap to send Panic Alert SMS. A Pre baked SMS alert is sent to emergency contacts with location and vehicle+driver details(if travelling in cab or auto) in case of any distress situation.
★ Manages all your trips at one place.
★ Trip log to save extra information related to the given trip.
★ Making emergency service easily accessible based on locality and local information. (coming soon)
★ Emergency helpline contacts like police, fire, ambulance, trauma etc.(coming soon)

Pocket Khaki won’t start tracking your location until you start a trip. We save your location coordinates every 20 secs or 200mtr (whichever comes early) by default but you can change these settings.

★ Share current trip?­ to share only the current trip with this contact
★ Share all trips?­ to share current and all future trips by default with this contact.
★ Emergency contact?­ Emergency contacts are the contacts who receive ONLY pre­baked “PANIC SMS” whether you share or don’t share your trips with them. They may or may not have the app installed. They will get your track details link in PANIC ALERT SMS.
★ Delete contact ­ Remove this contact and all the trip shared with this contact.
★ Share with a link – Generate trip share link and share it with your contacts using mail, whatsapp, sms, facebook, twitter etc.

All your contacts with whom the trip is share will have your track details (current location, time, full track history, track distance, halt time etc) and would be receiving all trip notifications like trip log submission, panic alert, report a driver for overspeeding and other notifications types on their feed.

★ Pocket Khaki saves complete trip detail with information like distance traveled, halt duration. No other safety application has done it.
★ Pocket Khaki allows us to review a driver and like wise select a driver based on his review by other passengers.
★ Can configure with whom to share a trip on trip to trip basis. No Sharing Options with individual contacts in any other tracking application. No flexibility of data sharing in other apps. EIther share all data or delete from contacts.
★ Shares traveller’s complete track details with shared contacts ­ other apps just shows the last known location.
★ Shake to send panic alert, is the easiest way to send panic alerts.
★ Saves a lot of battery because users are tracked only when they start a trip also they can configure the minimum distance / time to update location.
★ Smart notification ­ All notifications are saved in trip feed meaning one can access it at any point of time.
★ Completely in our control, unlike the systems in cabs that can be turned off by driver(we’ve seen that happen) or panic buttons that can be cut off by a simple clipper.

★ Woman Safety App – Panic alerts and SOS functionality
★ Family Safety App – Notify your family whenever going anywhere for free.
★ Offline Location Tracker – Never loose your track even if you are offline
★ Absoutely Free

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