Day: May 9, 2015

DockBox – DOCKBOX – take a video-look inside locations and get information about them


DOCKBOX – take a video-look inside locations and get information about them

DockBox screenshot 0DockBox screenshot 1DockBox screenshot 2DockBox screenshot 3DockBox screenshot 4DockBox screenshot 5DockBox screenshot 6DockBox screenshot 7DockBox screenshot 8DockBox screenshot 9DockBox screenshot 10DockBox screenshot 11DockBox screenshot 12DockBox screenshot 13DockBox screenshot 14DockBox screenshot 15DockBox screenshot 16DockBox screenshot 17DockBox screenshot 18DockBox screenshot 19DockBox screenshot 20DockBox screenshot 21DockBox screenshot 22DockBox screenshot 23

DOCKBOX is a geolocating social network for looking inside of locations and getting information about institutions and places. DockBox allows you to see the location of each participant on a map (using geolocation), as well as leave comments to places.

The application give You the abillity to see the location of all participants (strangers, friends, colleagues and relatives), clubs and different places on the map on the map. To meet and communicate with those who walked casually past, is at a bus stop in the club and any other point on the planet.
You don’t need to use just filters to find a person meeting the criteria you entered, also you are able to inform yourself about a person you see in real.
With a fingertip on an user on the map you are able to send him/her a message, to winkle, give a gift and so on.. Also we included the ability to rate, to write comments and oppinions to clubs and places on the map.

DOCKBOX uses phone numbers from the contacts list of Your phone and automatically determines who of your contacts have DOCKBOX.
You can also find friends by interests with a simple search filter.


– meet with strangers, just by clicking on any user on the map
– wink virtual Your lovely person
– share your text messages
– share stickers and emoticons
– look, what clubs are in every city and what is happening there inside (in real time)
– leave feedback on the clubs
– reviews of institutions
– recommend venues
– create chat rooms, opened for everyone, on the map on several themes
– mark places on the map (upload area photos and write descriptions about)
– write posts for discussion, which will be visible to your friends
– news feed, in which everyone can write something interesting
– the ability to look into the institution, using established there webcam
– push notifications so as not to miss the most important events

See more information and download apk file for your android phone:


Sev-Mobi-Kаталог – Mobile directory Sevastopol


Mobile directory Sevastopol

Sev-Mobi-Kаталог screenshot 0Sev-Mobi-Kаталог screenshot 1Sev-Mobi-Kаталог screenshot 2

Mobile catalog of Sevastopol which describes the historical places, city services (medical, police, fire and rescue services), as well as entertainment centers, shopping centers, pharmacies, shops, hairdressers, restaurants, cafes itd

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