Nupur weds Apurva – Nupur and Apurva's Wedding App(

Nupur weds Apurva

Nupur and Apurva’s Wedding App(

Nupur weds Apurva screenshot 0Nupur weds Apurva screenshot 1Nupur weds Apurva screenshot 2Nupur weds Apurva screenshot 3Nupur weds Apurva screenshot 4Nupur weds Apurva screenshot 5Nupur weds Apurva screenshot 6

Nupur weds Apurva is a Wedding App, which provides all the details of the wedding from Groom and Bride sides.

Using wedding app is a nice way to add more fun and enjoyment to a marriage ceremony. It is just like any other mobile application. It is also safe for smart phones. This is just like a normal wedding card only difference you will get is, all your wedding information will be in the form of application data.

This wedding app provides you with various features such as:-

Program details where you will get all wedding information. You will be provided with each and every program details which will going to happen during entire wedding ceremony Datewise.

Gallery section is provided for you where you can upload photos of Bride and Groom. Beside this you can also upload your family photos so that the guest can see the photos.

Venue or maps section is there for our guests, which will display all the destination venue for every wedding function which will going to happen. Guest can easily know as which function will going to occur first and where. If someone is unaware as where the particular location is then maps will help you to locate the particular destination.

Message section is also provided where one can easily send or receive messages. If one wishes to send a wedding message to Bride or Groom he/she can do that via our app card.

It will also allow bride and groom to login so they can send alerts to their guests.

Download apk file for your android phone:


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