HAVOK – Chaos posting. No usernames. Just a stream of posts from whomever.


Chaos posting. No usernames. Just a stream of posts from whomever.

HAVOK screenshot 0HAVOK screenshot 1HAVOK screenshot 2HAVOK screenshot 3HAVOK screenshot 4HAVOK screenshot 5HAVOK screenshot 6HAVOK screenshot 7HAVOK screenshot 8

This app has been updated and rebranded. Download the latest version at


Posted Chaos.

Post anything, without usernames.

Havok is an endless feed of whatever the world is posting.
It is not ephemeral like SnapChat or YikYak.
It is an endless, ever growing stream of posts, photos and eventually, other media.

Posts are streamed in chronological order.
Posts may be rated. Points are tallied hourly to prevent observational refreshing.
Next version will have posts sorting.

You are free to post (nearly) anything.
Post as much or as little in each post as you wish. Nothing is required. Anything is permitted.

Text posts can be up to 64,000 characters, and can include clickable web or email links.

Posts can include GPS along with photo and descriptions!

Images are stripped completely of EXIF data and resaved with a random file name.

Photos, comments, locations, and more in one massive thread.

Respond to posts with @number to make your post link to their post.

You can load the feed in your app on your phone or on your browser at havok.ca

Post anonymously. See what the world posts.

There are no ads or adware in the software.

If you have suggestions or question, email me at info@digitalforge.ca
I respond to all inquiries and love suggestions or critique.

Network/Internet Access
Approximate and precise GPS for location (can be turned off)
Camera usage
Read/Write external storage required for camera usage
NEW Bluetooth required for Audio, which is required for future update, also for Video, for future update

See detail information and download apk file: googleplaystoreapks.com/category/social


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