Denúncia Digital 2015 – Report, support, share, do events, help and propose solutions!

Denúncia Digital 2015

Report, support, share, do events, help and propose solutions!

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Heads Up! All who have the previous version must perform the migration for this, being the only one to receive updates. Thank U 🙂

Digital Report was born with the intention of strengthening the collective effort in favor of the community. From there, the user can register and infrastructure problems of everyday life, such as: hole in the asphalt, broken pipe, bad pavement, neighbors bothering, depredation of public assets, the daily injustices, all sorts of outrage that refer to make a complaint!

In addition to waiting for the act responsible for the problem (repair or send repair), users work in a collaborative system, which can propose a solution! To increase the chances of having your problem solved, you can share it on your social network aiming to get support. You may even create an event to get more support from society to solve the problem.

For a complaint of “vacant land with tall grass,” for example, users can create the event “Effort to land clearing,” mark the day and the people who are interested in helping to execute that action may apply. You will help your city to become better and deserve a lot of points for this performance! Employees of your event also deserve congratulations!

Look complaints that cause impact you or that you believe deserves real attention and support it, increasing the visibility of it.

He saw a complaint that can help? Collaborate proposing a solution! Report, support, share, do events, help and propose solutions … regardless of what you choose to do, act to improve your city!

See more information and download apk file for your android phone:


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