Tiniroom – Similar goals freely


Similar goals freely

Tiniroom screenshot 0Tiniroom screenshot 1Tiniroom screenshot 2Tiniroom screenshot 3Tiniroom screenshot 4

Invite a friend to open the room together, through the paste text, picture, online chatting, with impunity, enjoy and share your life with new friends, a large series of anonymous photographs, completely anonymous completely private, without fear of being found meat!

* Create any topic chat rooms, sharing the room through the private QR Code, invite friends to join strange.
* Find any topic you are interested, join the room and share your views with the masterpiece.
* Added online privacy group chat, real-time interactive, easy and common interests friends or chat with strangers.
* Customize the room theme, color, set the privacy rights.

Tiniroom that you and I have something to exchange small world.

Built-7 group of interesting little room:

1. There is no middle of the night hungry gossip
2. armpit smell youth
3. draw circles 30 seconds to easily fill is eligible cat
4. Taipei City Election
5. onslaught Unboxing
6. corner coffee travelers
7. My art kitchen thing

Come and build your exclusive small room.

See detail information and download apk file: googleplaystoreapks.com/category/social


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