Wulian SmartHome HD – Wulian opens smart life.

Wulian SmartHome HD

Wulian opens smart life.

Wulian SmartHome HD screenshot 0Wulian SmartHome HD screenshot 1Wulian SmartHome HD screenshot 2Wulian SmartHome HD screenshot 3Wulian SmartHome HD screenshot 4Wulian SmartHome HD screenshot 5Wulian SmartHome HD screenshot 6Wulian SmartHome HD screenshot 7Wulian SmartHome HD screenshot 8Wulian SmartHome HD screenshot 9Wulian SmartHome HD screenshot 10Wulian SmartHome HD screenshot 11Wulian SmartHome HD screenshot 12Wulian SmartHome HD screenshot 13Wulian SmartHome HD screenshot 14

Smart home is an app used for remote control of appliances, monitoring of environmental quality, and real-time protection.
Before you get home, have the rice cooker and water heater worked and adjust the air conditioning to an agreeable temperature. After you get home, the delicious meal and cozy home environment are waiting for you and you can also take a shower.
No matter where you are, home is under control and you can check it for the first time. Moreover, you will get the environmental data, appliances status, and video image with just a swipe of your fingers.
You can also set the scene mode with your cellphone such as Out mode, Home mode, Visitor mode, Cinema mode, Sleep mode, Wake Up mode etc, which brings you a smart home which is safe, fast, low-carbon, and environmental friendly.
Wulian provides a variety of wireless devices and the specific classifications are as below:
*Security Protection:
Door Lock, Door Magnetic, Window Magnetism, Human Body Detection, Flammable Gas Detection, Fire Detection, Infrared Electronic Fence, Water Leak Detection etc;
*Lighting Management:
Smart Switch, LED Switch, Multikey Switch etc;
*Appliances Control:
Smart Socket, Air Conditioning, TV, Floor Heating, Water Heater, Curtain, Projector Lift, Garage Door etc;
*Environmental Conditioning:
Air Quality, Ambient Light, Temperature & Humidity, Water Flow etc;
*Health Surveillance:
Body Weight Meter, Blood Pressure Monitor, Treadmill etc;
*Integrated Service:
Emergency Appeal, Power Failure Alarm, Emergency Light etc;

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Note: If you have any hardware devices, you can also enter Demo system to enjoy smart life.
Web: wulian.cc

Download apk file for your android phone: googleplaystoreapks.com/category/social


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