Aldair Rocha 14123 – Candidate for State Representative Aldair Rock

Aldair Rocha 14123

Candidate for State Representative Aldair Rock

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Aldair Rocha was born in Sao Paulo / SP, in 1960 a degree in law from the Law School of São Bernardo do Campo / SP. His professional life of over 36 years, is dedicated exclusively to public safety activities.

Worked for over 18 years as an officer of the Military Police of São Paulo, joining the Federal Police, as a delegate in 1996 and initially worked in the Bureau of Narcotics Enforcement (DRE) in São Paulo, where with his team dismantled large organizations crime of international drug trafficking.

Held positions of Superintendent of the Federal Police in three states (Amapá, Mato Grosso and Ceará), having excelled in the relentless struggle against corruption, money laundering, embezzlement of public funds, environmental crimes, etc., personally coordinated major operations, such as Leech (mafia ambulances), Curupira (deforestation and environmental crimes) and Pororoca (diversion of public funds); was also coordinator of the Tactical Operations Command of the Federal Police (COT), acting especially during the Pan American Games in the state of Rio de Janeiro in 2007 and the personal safety of Pope John Paul II, in São Paulo.

As Secretary of Public Safety and Social Defense in our state between 2011 and March 2014 innovated by creating the Department of Criminal Statistics and Analysis (SEAC), responsible for performing the mapping of crime in the state; created the Integrated Base Citizen project (BIC), operating in the St. Anthony neighborhood in Mossley; put in operation the first Community Safety Councils of Social Defense, encouraging popular participation in decisions on Public Safety; with his team prepared and approved by the Federal Government every covenant of “Brazil safer” programs and “Crack is winnable” as well as all security projects for the World Cup, especially the new Integrated Command Center and Control (CICC), former Integrated Operations Center Public Safety (CIOSP)

.de 2011 to 2013 chaired the Board of Public Safety (Northeast CONSENE), a period that strengthened the integrated actions in the areas of currency among the states in combating organized crime, creating a “Safe Boundary” operation.

Aldair Rock knows that Public Safety has to be treated as a priority, requiring urgent, adequate both in our Legislative Assembly political representation, as in Congress Nacional.Em 2013

Aldair Rocha joined and assumed the Presidency of the PTB Brazilian Labor Party, in Rio Grande do Norte.

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