Mapiz – Easy location sharing with friends.


Easy location sharing with friends.

Mapiz screenshot 0Mapiz screenshot 1Mapiz screenshot 2Mapiz screenshot 3Mapiz screenshot 4Mapiz screenshot 5

Mapiz is the easiest way to tell people where you are and to find out where your friends are.

Want to tell your friends where you are? Send a “I’m here!”
Want to know where someone is? Send them a “Where are you?”
Fancy organising a quick meetup with a friend? Send a “Meet me there!”


Known issues:

This app is an early release and can be a bit unstable

* You must quit the app manually when logging out
* No UI feedback when sending “where are you”s or “i’m here”s
* App can sometime hang when opening. You will need to kill the app manually in order to re-open it successfully
* Connection loss happens often. If this happen, quit the app and start it again
* Notifications do not disappear automatically when they become irrelevant
* When adding a new friend, the user might not appear in your contact list automatically. Restart the app to see changes.
* No password management at the moment. If you forget your password, we won’t be able to send you a new one.

See more information and download apk file for your android phone:


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