Fileboost – feel free to share your files


feel free to share your files

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We love freedom. Yes, freedom. Freedom to save our files, to upload them to the cloud, to have them available wherever we want, to share it with our friends, even share the with the world. This is the spirit of fileboost.

Fileboost is a lightweight social sharing app. It’s the natural step in cloud services, with the existing apps you can save files, this is their goal, fileboost is made to share.

Fileboost’s aim is friends and files, one as important as the other. One of the main problems of Mobile devices is that doesn’t exist a natural way to share files, actually users solve it using mail attachments, instant messaging services or slow and heavy storing apps. This is the problem that fileboost solves.

Main features:

Every user can upload how many files they want
Files rest on the server for a limited time when it can easily be Shared with his friends
Friends can be found from contacts, Facebook and searching the server
Images and texts have a easy preview mode
The app easily manages uploads and downloads, without quitting the app
Files can be uploaded alone or grouped in a zip file using the “multi-upload” feature
Notifications keep you up to date with new files
Files have a description view to see all details and perform the actions
Files can be commented just as you do with Facebook comments
Groups of friends make it easy to share with a lot of people
DashClock extension within the app
File list using “Google Now” like cards

Permissions’ description:

INTERNET,ACCESS_NETWORK_STATE, READ_PHONE_STATE: fileboost is a cloud service, so it must connect to the network
READ_CONTACTS: we need this permission to help you find friends
WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE: saving your files is basic to share them
VIBRATE, GET_ACCOUNTS: we need them for the notifications
WAKE_LOCK: helps users to handle downloads and uploads
BILLING: upgrade accounts

Web app coming soon…

Download apk file for your android phone:


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